Can you turn off your radio?



I've been listening to the radio for a while and came to some conclusions.

1. Radio Music (at least most of it) is about the same stuff (love, sex, hate, wealth, etc.)

2. Many of the songs are incomprehensible (This Ain't a Scene It's an Arms Race ~ Fall Out Boy, talks about what exactly?)

3. Makes me glad I have an iPod

What I mean is much of the popular music out there is for the light thinkers, because if you start thinking about the music on the radio you will come to similar conclusions to mine and fell like you need to stop playing your radio.
I can turn off my radio easily.

But can you? Or are you addicted to yours? Do you like radio music?

The reason I started this thread is because the lack of originality in the Tunes section of FC. I wanna start a good conversation about music, not what is the best song of the day and other similar spoofs.


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My radio's been off for too long. I never even had my own radio in the first place. I just used the car one. Now that I have an ipod, I never listen to it unless I forget it or if it's charging.

I noticed that radio music (minus the classics stations) have music that's becoming weirder and weirder. I used to find artists off the radio, but not anymore.


I just can't stand what artist sing about these days! Since when is going to prison fun?


rainbow 11!
I can't stand the radio here. It's the same songs over and over again. Plus all of the advertisements that just drive me up the wall.


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Sometimes they have random condom commercials that just make the car an awkward place to be, especially with parents. I need an iTrip badly.


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Without a regular rock or metal station here in NY i stick to my CD player or music choice on cable. i use the radio for the classic rock station, only rock station in NY. when did rap where 90% of the artists sound the same and that mellow crap and mumbled songs become popular is what i want to know