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Can you swim?

Can you swim?

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Swimming was my first sport. I swam competitively from the age of 8 until high school, when I just burnt out and wanted to do other sports. I first was in a pool at age 3, got lessons at age 4, and have a bunch of really embarrassing home videos of it :facepalm:


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I was taught to swim at school. Part of the PE curriculum.
Black people in SA did not really swim due to culture. They have a deep respect for the people that live in the river namely the forefathers and the sea people. It is believed that anyone who drowned in a river was taken by the inhabitants to be trained as a sangoma. If the body was not found then this was a good sign. If the body was returned then it meant they had rejected the person.
Young black children often play in dams but they do not swim. It was a rare event to see a black surfer or one who ventured past the break line.
Things have changed a lot with blacks accepting western culture with many now swimming and most of the life guards are young black men.


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I can swim, pretty good swimmer but still not confident enough to go into deep waters because I can't float.


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I am def a strong swimmer. :nod: I was out on a lake in a rubber raft when a storm happened, like right out of nowhere! I kind of panicked and fell out of the raft and I wasn't wearing a life jacket. Anyway I swam to shore through the winds and the rain but it took a lot longer than it should have. I tried floating on my back but kept getting water splashed in my mouth and nose so I just kept swimming. Cept for the storm I coulda floated whenever I got tired of swimming cause I float really good! :) I dont remember when I learned to swim but I was really little (maybe 4 or 5). I also dive and can dive from a 7 meter board. I love hitting the water straight and getting as deep as I can! :nod: It's fun listening to people and stuff underwater, LOL! I prolly could swim pro but I dont think that would be as much fun, too much pressure. But I'd never swim in a river! That's way dangerous!


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I was reading an article in the news this morning;
BBC News - Why don't black Americans swim?
...it is more to do with the discrepancies between ethnic groups and the ability to swim...but it begs to ask the question...can you swim? where did you learn and how old were you? ...or if you cant swim, why do you think that is?

I only really knew how to swim when I was in the university. I can think of several reasons why an adult doesn't know how. First, it can depend on where the person lives. I think that when someone lives near the beach or have access to pools, they are more inclined to know how to swim because people naturally hang out there at some point. Next is availability of formal courses. I am for making swimming lessons mandatory in school for grade schoolers. I believe swimming skill could save lives - doesn't matter if none of your hobbies/pastime involves swimming. It's not about leisure. Just survival, whether it's because your plane crashed in the water or your car swerved on the bridge into a river. And it's healthy anyway...

So me, we didn't have swimming classes. We did own a private pool but I usually just stayed on the stairs or that level that is within my height. On the beach during vacation, I just stayed near the shore. Then I started having dreams of drowning (because I did drown some moments in our pool so I know how that feels). The only way the drowning dream stopped is when I took swimming courses in college (finally it's offered in my school). Up to this moment though, I don't really dare go into the waters above my height. But I feel comfort knowing if I have to, I'll survive some minutes afloat.


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yes i can swim but during diving, i at times goes lower and lower in the water don't know y. i have a normal weight.


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Yes I began swimming at a young age and love the water. I sometimes don't understand how people can't swim, but I guess its just so natural and easy when you learn so young.


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I can swim yes. My parents took both me and my brother for swimming lessons at a very young age, I think may 6 or 7? I could be wrong though, but I know I was really young. We always had a pool in all the houses we lived during my childhood.

I don't really swim now anymore, so I am not the strongest swimmer ever. When I did my open water diving course about 2 years ago, we had to swim around a pier in the sea. They have to make sure you can swim, for obvious reasons. That was probably the hardest swim I've ever had to do. The tides don't really help, won't lie!