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Can you swim?

Can you swim?

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Sally Twit
My parents taught me how to swim when I was younger and I also had swimming lessons with school. I haven't actually been in a swimming pool for about 10 years though so I don't know how I'd be now.


Registered Member
yes i can swim. I learnt through school as my mother couldnt swim and didnt learn until she was oh in her fifties i think:rolleyes::lol:she loves swimming now:)


It's not me, it's you.
I can swim. My parents taught me at an early age, and then I did lessons to strengthen that when I was around 8 or 9. I still wouldn't classify myself as a strong swimmer and wouldn't feel comfortable trying to rescue anyone. I feel confident swimming on my own, but will definitely wear a life vest if recreational water sports are involved.


Yes, I can swim but I don't like to. I'm not very good either...


Registered Member
Yes I can swim, but only in waters like a pool. I would fear to swim in the Baltic Sea as it is rough water and I have very big fear of having a big fish or shark to come close to me! :shocked: lol


Registered Member
Hrm, I don't know anyone that cant swim. I learned when I was very young, younger than I can remember.


Creeping On You
I taught myself to swim around 10 years of age. I can keep myself afloat for a little while. I always wear a life jacket when I'm in a boat though, because my swimming endurance is pretty much null. Thankfully I'm tall, so the water has to be pretty deep before I can't touch the bottom, or at least be able to hold my breath, drop to the bottom a few feet below my feet, and hold my breath, thus giving my arms a rest. I've had to do that a few times during a stupid attempt at swimming across what I thought was a shallow pond.

I'd pose another question that fits into this thread, have you ever almost drowned? And has it made you fear swimming the next time the oppurtunity arose?

I can remember 4 instances where I almost drowned lol. I won't go into detail lol, but the most recent one was this summer while I was on my canoe trip. I walked across this sand bar to an island about 20 yards from the island we were camping on. The water was just past my shoulder, but the water didn't get deeper. So I explored the island and decided to head back. Unfortuneatly, I missed the sandbar on the way back. But thinking it was still under me, I started swimming. Halfway across I ran out of energy, so I figured I'd walk a bit. I dropped and I sunk like 3 feet into the depths haha. I used the last of my energy getting back to the top lol. All I could do was doggy paddle and kick my legs to keep afloat, but I had no forward motion to get across. Thankfully, two of the other guys were just launching a canoe to go fishing. I yelled out to them to give me a hand and they paddled over so I could grab the side and rest a bit lol. Thankfully, I'm not prone to panic, nor giving up, so I've survived all my close encounters. Also I've never been nervous about going swimming the next time. I just usually try to be careful to not get stuck in water deeper than my height.


Registered Member
I'm almost 100% certain that all primary schools here do swimming lessons. I think that's because where I live is near the beach, so it's pretty important that kids learn how to swim.

I can swim. I've never actually met anybody that couldn't swim bar one person, and he was brought up in Kenya. It's just something that everybody does here.


The Hierophant
I can swim with the best of them. Maybe not competitively but I'm a very strong swimmer. I don't really remember when I learned how to swim, but as long as I can remember I've always loved playing in the water and knowing how to swim.

I used to be a lifeguard and part of having the job there is that we had to do ten laps at the pool a week. That didn't really seem like enough laps to me, so I'd do about 40-50 laps in the pool just because after I got into the zone of doing my laps, I could just keep swimming and swimming. I think it's relaxing and meditative. I also used to be certified to teach people how to swim. My certificate is probably expired by now, but I'm sure I can still teach people no problem. Swimming is so awesome, I think everyone should know how to swim.


Registered Member
i can not swim. when i was young, i did not learn it. now i am 24 years old, and i think i will never get the ability to swim, for at present i don't want to learn new thing.