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Can you swim?

Can you swim?

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I can't swim. I dunno, never felt the need to learn and I'm slightly hydrophobic, so I just avoid lakes and rivers all together.


Sultan of Swat
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I'm a fairly good swimmer, I almost drowned when I was younger and didn't care to go to a pool/lake for a few years after that, but I do enjoy it a lot now. I'm a pretty fast swimmer to boot, I love having races against people.
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Where is my Queen?
I took swimming lessons when I was 13 years old because my parents wanted me to learn how to swim. It was very embarassing at the time because I was learning how to swim with 6 year olds. After 2 weeks of lesson I knew how to swim and got addicted to diving and eventually to high diving. Don't do high diving anymore but still love to swim


I took lessons a long time ago, but the instructor didn't really care about teaching, so I got a pretty sub-par swimming education. I can still swim decently, but I can't tread water well and if I'm swimming in something other than a pool, such as a lake, then I am going to use some kind of flotation device just for precaution.


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That report seems quite erroneous, or at least ill-informed. It's probably because this group of people don't have access to swimming pools or are too busy pursuing their own needs. It makes sense. If you are taught it regularly you'll become good at it. I suspect they are not because of this, or they are good but the people that have been surveyed just aren't. Strange report.

Anyway, I grew up in a community in which the school would actively encourage swimming. Once a week we would go to the pool and be given lessons. I got to grade 5 in that.

At present I would say I'm a strong swimmer, although I haven't been in yonks. I'm pretty comfortable with crawl, breaststroke, backstroke and the other back swimming style where you waddle your hands about and kick yourself along. I can get stuff off the bottom of the pool and tread water and the like too. Although, I guess I'd need practice to get back up to speed.

Also, I guess it depends on whether you have any interest in swimming. If you don't then you won't heed the lessons and you won't get any better. I mean, humans don't have to swim. So some will choose not to bother.


Better Call Saul
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I guess I could have put strong swimmer but I just put the other one...I guess I'm a normy when it comes to swimming.

I took lessons as a kid and we had a pool at our house for a long time so I can hold my own.


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Just last week I went swimming, I can definitely still do it well, I've been in pretty rough waters and been just fine. I'd definitely call myself a strong swimmer, I need to relearn a lot of the strokes but I can last for hours especially if survival counts on that.


Embrace the Suck
I've always been a strong swimmer. I worked as a life guard at the municipal pool when I was in high school and used to surf every weekend.


Band Nerd ♫
I can't swim at all. Never really been given a reason to. I remember taking swimming lessons but they never did any good for me. Water scares me.