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Can you swim?

Can you swim?

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I was reading an article in the news this morning;
BBC News - Why don't black Americans swim?
...it is more to do with the discrepancies between ethnic groups and the ability to swim...but it begs to ask the question...can you swim? where did you learn and how old were you? ...or if you cant swim, why do you think that is?


I was taught at a very young age and could definitely already swim before starting school(aged 5). I cant remember being taught I think I must of been 2 or 3 years old, but I vaguely remember my grandfather taking me to the pool regularly.

From about 7 right upto my mid teens I swam competitively for school and county. I'd also swim recreational, I was a keen kayaker and occasional surfer so would often go in the rivers/lakes/sea/ocean. I still swim today for recreation/fitness and find its one of those skills that opens up the world to new activities when on vacation.


With regards to the article I posted, Im not sure if the inabilty to swim is solely to blame for the deaths, I also question the responisbility of swimming in the river, it does not matter how stong a swimmer you are unless you are able to read and understand the currents or gauge depths from the surface then you're going to find yourself in danger. As often is with these stories its the inexperienced rescuer who becomes the victim whilst the victim quite often survives.
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Yes I can swim. My parents took me to swimming lessons at the local leisure centre when I was very young, round about 7. I haven't been swimming in a long time, but my parents and I used to go swimming every Wednesday when I was in High School.


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That story's shocking. I really do feel for the mothers.

Yes I can swim, fairly well, and I learned at an early age through primary.


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Yes I am a fairly strong swimmer, have been swimming since I was very young and my school used to run lessons as well.


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Yeah, I used to love swimming. I went all the time when I was younger and learnt pretty early on, though I have no idea about a specific age. I would spend most of the time just playing around under the water instead of doing what I was supposed to though. The only time I swim now is if there's a pool in the hotel where I go on vacation each year. I still love to be under the water.

I don't really know if I'm a strong swimmer or not because I've never swam anywhere but 'gentle waters' (i.e. a pool and the sea).


No. I can't swim. Never learned swimming and I don't know when I will.


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I can swim, I'm just not very confident with it and I must admit, I've had moments where I panic in the water. I've had a couple of bad experiences in the pool as a kid, lol, so that probably didn't help.


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Anybody can swim, It is in human nature. People just make themselves think they can't and dont have the confidence.

I can swim myself. I would feel strong enough to swim in really deep water but I learned alot when I was a kid. I prefer to go to water parks for the slides etc than actually swim lengths in a pool.


Living on the 0th floor
I can definitely swim. I can't remember how old I was when I started lessons; I always want to say around age 8 but that seems a bit later than I remember. All I know, is it just came naturally and I skipped many of the stages to get to the last stage to graduate. My instructors told my parents they needed to get me on a team... :urp: So my parents did. I just started on the YMCA team, but then I went on to swim for many U.S. teams, my summer team where I made it to states multiple times, swam for my high school team, and made it to the junior olympics. Needless to say I absolutely hated it, and now I love it. I also taught swim lessons for 4 years.

However, two of my irrational fears are small boats and drowning.. Go figure.


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yes i'd be a very strong swimmer, was thought how to swim at a very young age by my parents and at school, it came in very handy when i was 12 and swimming in the sea with a few friends on my summer hoildays.

Three of us out of 8 friends got into difficulty and 2 of us were able to swim to sore. The 3rd lad drowned, he was very sporty and athletic but wasnt a strong swimmer, that cost him his life in the end when u think about it.

My daughter is nearly 6 and i've had her down swimming with me most weekends since she was 3.