Can you stand not doing anything?


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Or do you always feel the need to be doing something?

For example, I often buy a newspaper or a magazine to read before riding a train or going to the doctor's office because I know I will be bored just sitting and waiting, doing nothing except looking at my surroundings. I feel like I'm wasting my time.


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Yeah, I am the same way, I don't like to just sit there or stand there and not do anything. If I'm listening to my IPOD though it's not as bad.

But I'm waiting to go to the doctors office, or I am just in a bus, I'll read the news paper, or a magazine.


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I like just sitting there and doing nothing. When I'm waiting at the airport I usually people-watch the whole time. On long road trips I can do nothing but stare out the window for hours.


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I have no problem doing nothing. However, since I started working I have noticed that I am starting to feel guilty "doing nothing" during my free-time.

I have significantly less free-time so if I don't go out or do something on a sat night I feel like I "wasted" my weekend.

I hate that feeling.
Depends on where the nothing occurs. If I have the opportunity to sit and do nothing more that watch a sunrise/set, I'll do it. If the scenery around me is beautiful, I can spend hours doing nothing more than staring at it and daydreaming.
If I'm at home/work then I cannot sit around doing nothing. I feel like every minute of awake time needs to be filled with me doing something.
I am an unemployed student on a gap year. At the moment, my whole life revolves around doing nothing, so yeah, I sure CAN stand it. :lol:
But I also like to do nothing on a smaller scale. If i'm waiting for something/on a long-distance journey/whatever, then I will just sit there and watch the world go by out of the window for hours. I don't feel like i'm wasting my time all that much 'cos I like to think about anything and everything.

Once I was in Devon for the weekend with my cousins, staying in a hotel, and one evening as we were leaving to go downstairs I said I'd catch them up later but instead I got caught up just sitting in the room for 2 and a half hours... one of them came to check if I was ok and was baffled when I said I'd just been doing.. nothing :-/ Lost track of time I guess.