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"Can you lend me a tenner, please."


Registered Member
I'm aware that there are a few people on here of a youthfully age -

Well, to them, I ask - Do you borrow money off your folks? Parents and likewise. I'm talking on a regular basis, when it's the end of the month or whatever and you're skint? So you ask for a lend.
And if you have kids of this youthfully age, do you lend it them?

I often ask to borrow money, whether it's just so I can afford the bus fair or something or a bit more, and I find it really awkward to ask, even though I know my parents have been squirrelling away money for yonks and have enough to spare, so long as I give it them back - which I always do.

I am of the opinion that it is far more useful to have more money when a youth, because well, with our general energy there's so much it can be used for. Whereas, in later life, it's just bills and groceries and the odd pint. And older people always pay attention to offers down the shops, or are in a relationship so stuff is like half price... Generally... Or so it seems.

That might actually seem a bit offensive. But it seems justifiable.

I understand there is probably a lot of generalisation, in this point. But I hope you have some idea of what I'm getting at.

Basically I wonder if anyone has a similar idea of the finances of young people, and whether you borrow funds off people.


Sally Twit
I always use the bank of boyfriend if money is tight. Unlike me he is sensible and actually saves his money. I hate asking him and I only do if I am desperate.


Registered Member
Actually, my dad and one of my brothers are each borrowing thousands from me. I've always been good about saving my money (maybe too good, but that's another topic :lol:).


Registered Member
yeah ive borrowed alot of money off of my folks, they normally dont even ask for it back, i dont do it so much now as when i first moved out i had no idea how to budget but im getting there now


I only borrow money from my parents and not from anyone else. I don't have enogh money for my own and given that I work as a volunteer and don't get paid I have no other source of "earning" some money.


Registered Member
Actually, my dad and one of my brothers are each borrowing thousands from me. I've always been good about saving my money (maybe too good, but that's another topic :lol:).
Ha reminds me of Family Guy or was it the Simpsons? I'm sure it's Family Guy.
The gist being:
Have loads of kids, because one of them is likely to get rich and famous, and then who's paying the bills? Hollywood kid.


Ms. Malone
I don't, usually i have money of my own and i'll ask my mum if she can break a tenner.

I'll ask for small change (a quid) if i need it desperately, but always give it back.

My brother is bad for borrowing money; he either takes too long to pay it back or we never see it again.


Registered Member
Being an oldster *ha*, I can answer about how my own children do. They borrow money and most of the time, if it's big bucks (over $100 or so) they always pay me back. I've never complained. But occasionally, one of them might ask to borrow about $20 and I will never see it again. But, they each have children and I know times get tough and maybe they forget, so I don't bother asking for it back.
When my parents were alive, I never asked them to borrow money in my latter years. But I'm sure I have asked them when I was younger, but I always did pay them back. At least, I hope I always did.


yellow 4!
I very rarely ask my parents for money. Only for school books, really. They've always given me what I need in the past so I'd feel bad asking for extras when I can easily do without. I wouldn't like to borrow it because I don't like to owe people money, especially when there's not a lot of pressure to pay it back. And my mum often notices how little I ask for so that's a motivator to keep on that way.... as in she'll randomly give me some cash if I'm off out somewhere because I "don't ask for much otherwise".


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I don't ever ask my parents for money. The only times they've given me money it's been them giving it too me. Don't get me wrong they've given me a lot for money and thanks to them I have a lot of money saved away. I owe them a lot because they let me live at home without paying rent for an extremely long period of time.

I don't like asking for money...I don't think I've ever asked for a large sum of money from someone. I can be kind of weird with money. I spend a lot of money on other people but I don't spend enough on myself. But I also don't like having to buy gifts but I like giving them. I'm just weird....or lazy. Or Both.