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Can you learn anything?


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Theoretically -
Given the appropriate resources, tutelage, time etc - Can anybody learn anything that there is to learn?

Open discussion.


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Well obviously give the appropriate resources (which would be unique to each person I assume) then yes you could theoretically learn anything.

I hate Spanish a lot and I'm really bad at it, does that mean that I can't learn it? no. Had I been given the best resources to fit my own learning style I could have learned it for sure.

Is it feasible to learn all that there is to learn? no. Nobody has that kind of time there's simply too much.


I'm not sure about anybody, there is a wide variety in peoples learning abilities and some people have learning disabilities. I think most people have the ability to learn just about anything though, with the right time and resources as well as the passion to learn whatever it is.


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Conditions such as anterograde amnesia or learning difficulties as Crouton mentioned would obviously prevent it but if you are talking about the average person then I would say yes, in the case of theoretical knowledge. No for practical.


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I think anybody mentally healthy is capable of learning anything given the adequate time and resources (that are relative from person to person). But being capable is not enough, it is also needed willpower and motivation.


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I think the terms willpower and motivation are very key when attempting to learn new things. I think it just depends.

If you woulda asked me 5 years ago if I thought I'd be able to name every countries in the world I woulda said you were nuts. I just thought it would be fun to learn them so I applied myself and I did. Same goes for all the flags...I can identify around 150 of those too. If I wasn't motivated or interested in it I still COULD have learned them but it would have been tougher.


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Higher physics, splitting atoms, surgery, and the like I would say that only the top and the best should and CAN learn. I wouldn't trust that with anyone else and I don't think common people can learn those significantly complex/dangerous/excruciatingly stressful activities.


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Provided you're allowed to forget what you've learned before and you have an indefinite amount of time, I'm sure anyone can learn anything as long as someone is there to explain things to him. This applies only to the types of education that can be received from others.

Education that cannot be imparted by others might not be possible to learn. For example, I must learn how to juggle balls, or somersault on my own. No matter how many times I see it, I still have to learn it on my own. If I'm not capable of learning it on my own, I can't learn it.


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I'm with everyone else. You don't necessarily have to have the stars line up for you to learn something, all it takes is just the doing part of it. Can anyone learn anything? No. Like it's been stated, there are people with learning disabilities that simply cannot. However, I on the other hand, could probably learn anything that I wanted to. Not saying that it'd be the easiest thing ever and that I wouldn't have to actually apply myself to do it, but I could totally learn anything that I wanted to. Astrophysics to zoology.


Even when there not the right conditions or not the right time , (generally) anybody can learn anything only if they want to .
If you don't have the time, you'll do anything to manage it the right way.
You don't have to have anything set appropriately.
It's only a matter of will, desire and determination.
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