Can you laugh at yourself?


It's not me, it's you.
If a friend makes an impression about you or makes fun of you, are you able to laugh it off and go with it...or does it offend you?

Can you laugh at yourself and have fun with it?


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There are certain things I can laugh at, but others, not too much.

If my friends call me fat, for example, I'm fine with that. I used to be fat, not so much anymore, so I don't really care.
Sometimes the opposite makes me uncomfortable so yes I don't mind when people do this to me haha. If I can't laugh at myself then I can't laugh at other people, right :lol:


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Yeah, I have to be able to because I dish it out to them as well. It's all in fun so it doesn't worry me. However, when it starts to get more serious, or touch on a few issues that they know are touchy subjects with me, i'll get a little pissed off.


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Yeah, most of the time people try and do impressions of me I have a laugh with it and join in with the laughter most of the time.

Some things might piss me off though or offend me. Like if it's just blantant take the piss outta me not for a laugh.


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Yes, I can laugh at myself, I do it all the time. Whether it's a situation like you described or me just laughing at something I said or did I do laugh at myself. If it's a really big mistake though I'm very hard on myself. It'll bother me for a very long time.


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I laugh at myself all the time, im not easily offended so I find it easy to make fun of myself sometimes. Its all in good humor. Friends being goofy. I love it


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Usually I'll be able to laugh at myself with them because I know it's true and it is sort of funny.

I rarely get offended unless somebody goes way over the top and/or is excessive about it.


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I usually can laugh it off. A lot of times if it doesn't mock my core values I can laugh it off. But when i'm being mocked for the way I carry myself then i'll stand up for what I believe in.


Sally Twit
I laugh at myself all the time and I find it funny when people do impressions of me. People shouldn't be uptight and should enjoy things while they can. If I had it my way I'd be laughing for the rest of my days.