Can you give me that recipe?


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Do you ever have problems recalling a recipe to give to someone when they ask for it?

My issue when cooking is that I don't measure anything. I just add/cook/whatever until it "looks right" to me. I come up with some amazing food. The problem is when someone asks for the recipe. I never can tell them how to make it because I never measure anything.

I was about to post my chicken and dumpling recipe in the 5 ingredient thread and then realized that there is no way I could describe how much of the ingredients you would need.

I also haven't given up my chicken tortilla soup recipe on here for the same exact reason.


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I asked my sister for a recipe the other day and she said the same thing to me. She doesn't measure anything - she just knows what tastes good.
I am a useless cook.


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I used to have that problem; now I just "guestimate" when writing out the recipe for someone, then add a phrase like, "to taste" or "a little more, a little less, maybe"...

It's very similar to the really old cookbooks when measuring was a haphazard affair. Generally people who cook a lot will know what you mean. And I love those recipes; it reminds me that cooking is not always an exact science, some recipes notwithstanding.


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Whenever I'm cooking I always measure things. I'm the sort of cook who needs a recipe infront of her to be honest. I'm not a creative cook in all honesty. I'm crap at guessing what goes with what and how much of it. I'd rather follow a recipe.

So whenever someone asks me for a recipe I can easily give it to them, I would have to look at the book first though to make sure I remembered correctly.


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Yeah, I have that problem all the time. Before I left NZ, my family wanted a couple of my recipes, and when I wrote them out, it's all a dash of this, handful of that, and enough of this until you think it tastes okay kinda thing. Which is why I suck so much at baking, because everything has to be so precise