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Can you figure this out?


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Staff member
This is the only post I am going to make in this thread. I won't answer questions and I won't confirm answers or guesses.


Spread the word and enjoy!


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Looking at it again, it definitely reminds me of Jumanji. Especially with that beat. My guess is that this will be an online game, similar to Jumanji.


what? no pink?
my guess would be similar, I think it will have more to do with solving riddles though. or some kind of a clue like the one that is there lol my mind has been chewing over that one since I seen it but I dunno. Maybe its late lol


Wanna play?
I'm ready for the next clue.....geez....my brain hurts!:lol:


Wanna play?
Wasn't expecting the change so quick...geez, as if I don't have enough addictions already!