Can You Fathom Being A Billionaire


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I’ve thought about it many times. 😁

What would I do? I think if I made that much money over time, it probably means I’m already doing a lot with it. No need to start a new business at that point.

I currently donate to several non-profits every month that are doing great things in the world. I’d definitely be able to amp up my giving with a billion dollars. I kind of want to start a non-profit already, so if I had that kind of money, I hope I’d have started that by then as well.

I wouldn’t necessarily donate to large non-profits either. I think helping many smaller ones grow is a far better use of that kind of money.

As far as business goes, I’ve wanted to produce movies for some time now. I’d probably try that at least once or twice in the $10M to $60M range, depending on the project.


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First thing is what does any one person need with $1 billion +? That I'm sure is multi life worth.
As a child my Mom would always tell me to share if you have enough. Of course 4! billion is more than enough.
I would seriously like to go to rundown neighborhoods that people that can't afford anything.. I would like to get them going on their feet.
Or just to help with medical costs to families that can't afford operations or life saving medical needs especially for newborns and babies.

I would also like to of course get rid of debt that I may have and help my youngest brother.