Can you eat one whole pizza?


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Heck ya that's normal lol I've done it. Granted not one of the extra larges and I don't even think a large but I can down a medium.

tottaly normal. I've never been able to, but almost everyone else I know can. I just get sick of the taste after 2-3 slices and go eat something else.


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Ok good. I had it for lunch. My kids were supposed to share it with me but they had to go out suddenly. So I had the pizza for myself. It says on the box "good for 2-3" persons. So that's not big, is it? :lol:
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My personal record is two medium pizzas.

Also, I don't know about your country, but around here, I have a general rule of thumb that if it says it makes 4 servings, it will generally feed 2 people in my family.

And in case you're wondering, I'm about 5'8", and 165 lbs, so I'm not a particularly big guy.
2-3 people for THAT!? Maybe for gnomes, but not human folk. When I get pizzas like those, I'll have one by myself and that fills me up. Heck, sometimes I might even snack that after just to fill me up a tad more.
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