Can you cook?


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Everyone i will hazzard a guess can cook, but is it the basic or can you really cook? I love to cook learnt at an early age, and i love to experiment with different recipes.:nod:
I have to cook dinner 4 times a week. I can cook simple dishes such as steamed chicken, soysauce chicken, steamed fish, baked porkchops etc. And then I add some some stir fried vegetables.

I'm not really good but adequate for someone my age.

What I really hate is the lack of respect of my little sisters. They're such naieve and overconfident little teenage girls. They think they can cook while they only heat up what my mother makes.


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Be a devil check a recipe and cook for your family, u'll be suprised as to the outcome its not hard. Trust me they will enjoy it, besides it wont be them that cooks!!


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No, I can't. I only do mac and cheese from a box.

I also make a mean breakfast. But that's it.

I tend to stay away from the kitchen after the second grease fire......


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I love cooking. I'm not great at it yet, but I've got a creative mind so I enjoy making meals and putting together new things.

So far my breakfast is best.


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I can cook any recipe you give me and make up some stuff out of my head but I only do it cause I have to. I do make cookies for enjoyment and I love decorating cakes, so bday cakes end up being a little more creative thn the norm.