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Can We Talk About Pierce Brosnan’s Helicopter Grab in GoldenEye?


Secret Agent
Staff member
Ok, I was in a GoldenEye mood today so I was looking up some random stuff online and found my way to this classic clip.

As I watched the end though, I did a double take when Pierce Brosnan grabs the helicopter mid jump over a few hundred feet above the ground...

Is it just me, or was his technique much more likely to send him falling as well? Double palms independently against a moving surface combined with gravity and his already injured body...

I realize there are other scenes in this movie and many other movies I could nitpick, but come on.

I’d have gotten that forearm hooked around the bar for sure with the other arm coming from the other side to loop around. But then my elbow may have come out of socket...

Basically, this scene is bothering me now.

What’s the best jump and grab method he should have done here? I feel like in most scenarios he’s have fallen easily and joined 006 in an incredibly ironic moment.

All that being said, also, how was Sean Bean not only still alive with no blood near his head after a several hundred foot fall onto hard concrete, but conscious enough and full of enough energy to scream at the very end? And with a good full breath of air for that matter.