Can we really just leave Iraq?

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Merc, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. Merc

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    I keep hearing this rhetoric from leftist friends of mine who seem to think that we can pull out of Iraq without problems.

    Now, I'm very far from being as politically sauvy as a select few of our members here, but I think it's an idiotic notion to believe that we can just haul ass out of Iraq and not expect it to fall apart. We committed to this action in Iraq, we have to finish the job in my mind. I remember talking with my dad in early 2002 about the war and we both nodded and agreed that there would be no way for us to get out of war earlier than 2010. Only time will tell how accurate that statement is.

    After reading a lot about the war and the many news stations that report on it hourly, it seems like too big of a mess over there to just get up and leave.

    So who thinks we can leave Iraq now and who thinks we still have some work to do? Can anyone help me get a clearer idea of how realistic a departure from Iraq within 5-10 years is?

  2. Nosferatu_Alucard

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    We cannot just completely pull out of Iraq. Thing would be thrown back into chaos and the way they used to be. If anything, there might even be another terrorist attack on America. Iraq has to be able to stand on it's own in order for us to leave. We would still keep a close eye on them...
  3. Moiraine

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    No we can't just leave Iraq, but it would be nice if Bush sticks to his plan of starting to pull out by the end of this year. It's time the Iraqi people pick up the reigns and rule their own country. Just today I was hearing how Americans troops were going into a certain area again because the Iraqi forces were unable to keep it controlled. The Iraqi troops need training and discipline. America can't be expected to give them a perfectly stable country; that will take time. The Iraqi's need a good realization that it's their country and they should form and stabilize it if they have any sense of pride in themselves.
  4. Kazmarov

    Kazmarov For a Free Scotland

    That's just brazen and rhetorically foolish. If someone came and bombed your city, your infastructure, your law and order, and then expected an inadequate amount of you to get it back to how it was before, how would you feel? We've released the ethnic tensions of the country. Sunnis and Shites and Kurds can't be in the same divisions, or go serve in each other's territory because of old contentions. Thus, violence hotspots will not be able to be contained unless they are completely pacified, more Iraqis are trained, the infastructure is repaired, or alternatively Iraq is divided into three seperate states.

    We can just pull out of Iraq. We didn't seem to care about them when we bombed them to the ground, so leaving doesn't seem to violate our set of ethics. The best thing to do would be to accelerate the training of Iraqis in several key lockdown zone, and then mix american veterns with Iraqi recruits while pulling out. Small amount of soldiers would stay for years, but the main fighting force might be swapped relatively soon.

    And what's this about stability, Iraq was perfectly stable during Saddam's rule.

    As for self-governing, sure. But the citizens should be given the requisite time to create infastructure and restore stability with a sufficent amount of defense.
  5. Sephiroth_Masamune

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    It's not so easy to create stability and a self-governing nation when daily attacks happen on our soldiers and theirs. People are afraid for their lives with daily car bombings and suicide bombers blowing things to hell.

    Let's see how much YOU care about making a stable "government" when you fear for your life either from the U.S. or the terrorists. Not going to happen.

    Until we can control the situation we have created for them, pulling out of Iraq is idiocy. It'll fall apart and most likely become worse than when we went in. Also, yes, I think retaliation for what we have done would be soon expected. I mean, if it were me, I would want to...but I'm American so GO AMERICA!!!!

  6. indieinmich

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    I have never supported the war in Iraq.But even I can see the potential chaos that will rise from our abandonment.
    At this point I feel we are obligated to fix it.
  7. Time Lord

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    What do you mean "we"? Bush committed to it. If the proper channels had been followed and this was discussed in the Congress and approval for war (which is Congress' job) was given BEFORE we invaded, then yes, we committed to it. But that didn't happen.

    Oh? Over 3 years there and the situation is getting worse. What exactly do you think is going to happen in 5 more? This is the same rheotoric we heard in regards to Viet Nam. "We can't pull out, they will fall if we do". 10 years we were there, and the South Vietnamese were never able to support themselves. What will 10 years in Iraq accomplish? Nothing. The government doesn't have the support of the people. It is corrupt. It is weak. And that is not going to chance.

    How come the insurgents are having no trouble fielding an army but the Iraqui government can't?

    Because of Iraq? Highly unlikely.

    I agree with Kazmarov. We will never be able to stabilize the situation there with the centuries of deep seated hatred. The Iraquis identify themselves not as Iraquis, but as Sunnis or Shiites or Kurds first. That's why when we beat Japan, Italy, and Germany we had NOT ONE SINGLE CASUALTY during the occupation due to hostile fire. Because we beat the Germans, Japanese, and Italians. Not Lutherans, Episcopals, Catholics, etc.

    The only thing that I can see working is like what we did in Korea. Make an East, West, and Southern Iraq and keep the factions separate. But a stable Iraq? We wrecked that when we toppled Hussein.
  8. shookem

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    Until the oil is firmly in American hands I can't see the States leaving.

    You think supporting a war is a strain on the collective purse?

    See what happens when the words 'peak oil' start appearing in the news.
  9. Impaired

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    Kazmarov: If someone came and bombed your city, killed tens of thousands of innocents, removed your infastructure, said your law and order was childish and misguided and removed it and replaced with somebody else's, invited terrorists to come and fight in your country (and told everybody they would rahter fight them in your country than some place else) and then expected an inadequate amount of you to get it back to how it was before, how would you feel?


    I adjusted that sentence a little bit - it was incomplete.


    Time Lord: I hate to break it to you, but Congress did vote and approve the war. They however, abdicated the declaration to the president, which I feel is illegal, but my feelings don't count for much.
  10. breathilizer

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    We can't just pull out of Iraq completely without preparation, but we certainly need to head in that general direction. Deploying 20,000 more soldiers isn't going to solve any problems, and will only serve to give the Iraqis the wrong impression.

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