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Can More Money Fix America's Schools?


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Can More Money Fix America's Schools?

The second part of NPR's excellent series on school funding and why it matters. It reached the obvious conclusion: Of course it does. But it also discusses how outside factors, especially poverty, necessitate additional funding in some areas and how additional dollars need to be used in ways that most directly effect kids in the classroom.

Unfortunately, the problems identified require government and legislators and school administrators to step up. It's not as easy as saying the teachers are bad, lets fire them or giving away scarce public school dollars to private schools.


Free Spirit
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A lot of the problem with low income school districts is the students home life. The best teacher in the world won't fix that. They don't get the help or emotional support they need to achieve. The parents have bad or poor attitudes, chip on their shoulder, and push that off on their kids which gives teachers another hurdle to cross. Both parents, if there is two in the house, may be working odd hours that leaves little time to spend with their kids. Or the parents can't speak English and/or lack education so they can't help at all. Or the parents are in and out of jail a lot. Maybe they should offer classes to the parents on how to help their kids.

This is a complex problem and money won't solve all the issues although it helps. I've seen pictures of schools in Detroit where the ceiling was all moldy and falling apart from leaking. The school was cold and damp. The kids coming to school hungry. That is a poor condition for students to learn under. If I'm cold and hungry I can't think of anything but that.

I have to wonder what the parents did with their food stamps if the kid isn't getting enough to eat.