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Can Money buy happiness??


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Reading Andrew's thread


makes me wanted to know other people opinion regarding a famous quote:

Money can't buy happiness..

People tend to say that 'being rich is not a guarantee going to be happy'.. but as what I understand is 'being poor is not a guarantee going to be happy either'

So what do you guys think??


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Having money will not make you happy. Buying expensive things will not make you happy.

BUT, not making your rent, not having food for your kids, and not having a job are several things that make it harder to be happy.

Money helps you live more comfortably and stress free. It won't make you happy but it will at least give you a reason to be thankful.


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Money makes life a lot easier, but it can also be very corruptive. Obviously I'd rather have lots of money than no money, but is wealth important enough for me to spend most of my life trying to achieve it? Absolutely not.


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I don't think that money can buy happiness. But when you have a lack of it, you really begin to appreciate what you do have.


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Money, like every other influential thing in our life, does not dictate who and what we are, unless we allow it to. It can be a useful tool or a destructive aphrodesiac... it's all up to us and our level of common sense/intelligence.

Some rich folk know precisely what to do with their money and they give the bulk of it away... that is happiness.
And some poor folk don't know anything else but the love of having their life and to them that is happiness.

It's an 'eye of the beholder' situation. We all can make the best or the worst of anything in our life... it's up to us.


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I don't think that money can buy happiness. But when you have a lack of it, you really begin to appreciate what you do have.
Well said. I totally agree with you.


very nice, ghost :D i totally agree.
happieness, like anything else, is relative. some people find happiness in the relationships they have with their family and friends, and that happieness has very little to do with how much money they have. other people find happieness in knowing they have the most money on the block. for me, i dont think money can buy me happieness. of course, in today's society, life is much easier if you have alot of money. however, if we were in a different society or a different period of time, haveing alot of money might not be that big of a deal.


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Money would make me happy... only because it would allow me to do all the things I want to do in life that I will probably never get to do because.. I really cant afford it lol.
Maybe having endless amounts of money would get lame after a while.. maybe it wouldnt make you happy? I dont know... but Id like to try! lol....
Id just like to be able to do the things I want to do.
I think there are big examples that money really doesnt make you happy when we look at some celebs.... lindsay lohan, britney spears... etc.. all with loadsa money, and no sense and happiness!... but yeah... I dont know..
Its a tricky one lol


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Ghost is absolutely right ,,,
though I think the important thing which can tells about happiness is how many real friends do we have ? are we living well with our families ?

Love everyone else can make you feel happy
making every one loves you will make feel the happiness
so you can use money to help and better connect with other
or you just can use it to make everyone mad at because of your behave ! and then you will be alone in the dark :p
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