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Can men and women be just friends?


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Is it possible for men and women to hang out with each other and remain just close buddies, or will one half of the equation inevitably want more? I tend to think it's a pipe dream.


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I used to think that this was possible but I've gotten smarter and realize that this just can't happen. One part of the friendship will always view it as a friendship while the other half is bound to think of it as a little more. Or at least hope that it can lead to more.


They can. My best friend is a female. We've never had any issues. We've never messed around or tried to date. We get along amazingly and it's never weird. Maybe I got lucky? I am aware this is probably a rarity. I've definitely had or tried to have female friends in the past and it went poorly. Some my fault, some theirs. This one just happened to work or perfectly for one reason or another. There is hope everyone! Haha.


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Of course they can. That is not to say the idea or thought of sex never happens. This is practically unavoidable in social situations.


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Absolutely! I know a lot of people who think that something will eventually happen between them at some point, but I have male friends that I have been close to for years, and we are still just close friends.


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Sure they can. I guess it depends when you become friends to an extent too. Like, if you meet and both of you already are with someone else and then remain friends, that seems a lot easier where feelings might not spring up.


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I do believe it is possible for men and women to just be friends. When I was younger, all my friends were men and sure, occasionally I would get the odd flirt, but for the most part, they were just my friends. They helped me when I needed them and didn't ask anything in return.


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I think that would a deal breaker for a lot of women.
It is unavoidable. If you find that person attractive, you can't turn that off.

You can just lie about it, which I think many people do.

This is not to say that you cannot be friends with a woman and not be attracted to her. This happens all the time.

I just do not believe you can prevent thoughts from happening. A person stands a certain way, or the hair falls a certain way against her neck.

It just happens.


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Some of my closest friends are men. I don't want anything else, just friendship. Women can be so catty, cruel to each other. I'd rather hang out with my guy friends any day.