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Can Griffin III rebound?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
He's gone from rookie of the year to laughingstock in less than two seasons.

I think he has completely lost his confidence.

Can he find his game back and eventually dominate like he did when he first came in to the league.
There are lots of reports from people covering the Redskins as well as teammates who claim that RGIII doesn't put the effort he should to learn the system and the playbook. Personally, I think he's pretty much like Vince Young was; in Texas, Vince Young was the kingpin and everything went his way and he lead Texas to some great seasons. When he encountered difficulties when he turned pro in Tennessee, he collapsed and eventually lost his starting job. I see the exact same thing with RGIII. He relies too much on his athletic abilities rather than making the effort of adapting to what his coaches are telling him to do and not only it's costing him but it's costing his team as well. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that in the NFL, you can't afford to rely solely on your natural skills. I see the same thing happening with Cam Newton in Carolina right now and quite frankly, if you look at QBs who are more mobile and use their legs to avoid pressure sometimes, that's something that they eventually all have in common. They think "if it worked in college, it's gonna work in pro football".

Personally, if I'm Washington, I'm starting to shop for another QB. RGIII is collapsing in front of our eyes and Kirk Cousins didn't seize his chance when he had it.


Registered Member
He relies too much on his legs, like many supreme athletic QB's..They rely on their athleticism too much and by the time it starts to fade away, they are a fish out of water because they never spent the time crafting their skills for when they do lose that athleticism..A new team won't help him. He's gotta help himself at this point imo


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Colt McCoy should start imo for the rest of the season.