Can Expired Genres Still Get Signed/Produced?


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So here's the deal. I got invited to play bass for a band here in Dallas. All the guys are a little older than me and the genre is more-less classic rock/punk rock. It's actually pretty interesting. They have a sound like old-school AFI. Of course, AFI got signed and went far with their sloppy/crunchy punk sound. But the late 90s are over and I am wondering if there will ever be a chance to get signed in a band that plays music that seems a little forgotten.

So what do you think? I am totally happy just playing the music. It's not often that I get a chance to play music that I actually like! But it would be a plus if there was still a chance at being more than an unsigned band at some point in time.

--And to build on the question of if you think that there is a possibility to make something out of a somewhat expired genre, do you think that overall image plays a huge part? The guys are near 30 and I'm afraid that the industry would be after younger guys if they were looking for something like this.

Thoughts? Thoughts?! AHHH!

Here's one of their songs. Take a listen. Knowing exactly what kind of music it is will help you. =D

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