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Can choose your friends


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Simple question -

Are you closer to Family members or Friends -
Or do you have an even mix -

If you feel willing to share that is?


Me: I reckon I have an even mix, just about, although I reckon if push came to shove I reckon I'd defend my family over friends first -



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It would be according to the family member and friend. Usually though I would probably side with the family member but then again some of my family members are my friend. I think over all I feel closer to some of my family members than I do my friends.


I'm serious
I'm extremely close with my immediate family - mom, dad and my brother. That said though, there are things I wouldn't necessarily share with my family, but rather with my friends. Some things I like to keep to myself. It's good to share things in life, but sharing it with (my) family is almost guaranteed to make the topic come up more than I would want to. Sharing things with friends, I find, is easier and better. But still though, I am very close to my family and they are my support system, so I do often turn to them first.


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I am closer to my family because i spend way more time with them rather than my friends even though i see them at school everyday. But of course friends do help you through tough time more than you family in some cases. Friends have their plus side too.


DEFINITELY my immediate family and some relatives. Nobody comes closer and no one can be compared. I'd say I'm even more closer to mom than anybody in the world.
I don't think anyone will ever take her place. Never, ever!

Friends don't are not even taken into account. They are just friends but that's it.
I'm not even sure if I have real friends, anyway.


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Both, only because it's based on my girlfriend.


Oh, poppycock.
Its a bit of a mix for myself. I'm really close to my sister and fairly close to my parents. My closest "friend" is my fiancé. I have a pretty good balance...at least I think so. Being far away from my home town, I feel the balance is essential.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
As I've gotten older I've spent more time around my family than my friends. Most of my friends have moved on with their lives and the one or two that I maintain life far away.


I have a really small family. So I think that I probably have more close friends that mean heaps to me than more close family members. But those family members that are important to me are more important than my friends.


It's not me, it's you.
I'm pretty close to my mom, but I can't talk to family members about anything. When it comes to sharing, it's usually with my friends. My family is so protective over me, that I wouldn't be able to tell them about fights with my husband or significant other at the time. I once confided in my sister about a fight that my husband and I got into, and she never liked him again, and would constantly bring it up, even years after the fight occurred because she was just floored that he would do such a thing to me.