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Can anyone please help me to catch up with politics and world news?


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n the middle of Obama's presidency I lost interest in reading about politics. As a matter of fact I stopped reading the paper altogether. I got tired of debating on several forums about such topics. So instead my fiancee and I got into baseball. She would follow the the Cubs. I would follow the Blue Jays. . Well we did this together. . Imagine following two three hour ball games. . Then reading articles about baseball and other teams as well. .

I have not followed the news since 2015. Only some very rare in between story we may catch on MSN news page. . Otherwise I know nothing at all. . So I need to ask if others on the forum can tell me what kind of big news stories have taken place since 2015? This includes politics, world news events, or anything current as well. . Try to remember the year or month this happened. Then Maria and I will look more into these stories. .

This will help me to get a start how to post in sections like politics and world news. . Right now I can't post much anything on those topics. . I don't know enough to say much.
For example one can explain what kind of president Donald Trump has been since his election. What are some of the major political news story etc?. . Name some important wars or bombings . Anything at all in general from A to Z anything you know even about that dog that saved someones life etc. will be helpful for me to catch up from not knowing the news. . It kind of feels like I've been in prison for three or so years. . I had no paper to read. . Now I'm out and trying to figure out what has happened since I've been in prison. . That's how I feel. . This year we need to figure out how we can follow our ballgames at the same time to save more time. . . this will give us more time to read news and do other things. Six hours of baseball or any sport in one day is too long. . Well it's okay on Sunday when you want to relax. .

So basically what I am asking please tell me any news in the past few years about politics, world, national, and local news stories you can remember that Maria and I can look more into. . Once I get a general idea I then can start posting in politics and world and local news topics. . For now I'm not saying much until I know. . Like the Enquirer use to say in the commercials something like the Enquirery minds want to know. If you want you can include entertainment, movie stars, radio as well. This would be a bonus and interesting to hear also. We just have gotten too absorbed in sports the last few years. . It's time to look outside a little.

Your friend music


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You really need to get 3 views on the subject and then you can try and discern what you think is the truth. It isn't easy. I could give you my version (and if I find time, I will) but it is colored by my views and the views of the media I read.