Can any one help me??

I have just started an online business and I want to promote by business on popular sites on the net but I don’t have any idea how it should be done. Do you guys have any idea that can help me out?


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You could advertise it here...

Otherwise you could advertise it somewhere else too. Advertising is the only legitimate way to promote your business.

And by advertising I don't mean spamming. I mean paying people to promote it.


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There are 3 ways to promote your site on the internet.

#1 - Cost per click advertising. Such as google adwords.

#2 - Links/Banners that drive traffic to your site.

#3 - Links/Banners that give authority to your site. Authority just means how high in google your site ranks for keywords.

Ideally, you would want to find links that do both #2 and #3. For example, if your website is video game related: generalforum or the sub category gameforum would be a good place to advertise since the site is high authority and high traffic.

There's so much to web advertising and the search engines work hard to be sure you use method #1 more than method #2 and method #3.


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I make pretty good money marketing my health shop online

Almighty Cleanse, Rice n Shine, and Other Health Products

Here is what I do:

1. I pay people to put permanent links on their homepages. (Need to have a PR3 or higher)

2. Write articles related to my business and submit to tons of free article directories. (my link is in the resources at the bottom)

3. Submit you business site to every free directory you can find.

4. Create a google webmaster account submit sitemap and optimize.

5. Use either Google adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click advertising to help get some revenue going early on.

6. Be patient and keep doing 1-3

Hope this helps