Camera catches boy drinking beer at Phillies game

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Babe_Ruth, Jun 8, 2010.

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  2. Major

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    I have to admit, it is pretty funny. At the same time though, if the parents did actually give him a beer (or just a sip) doing it in public isn't a great idea. It's not a big deal though. My dad gave me a sip of beer when I was a kid.
  3. MAgnum9987

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    A who cares. It'll put some hair on his chest. It put lots on mine. Some john daniels helps too.
  4. PretzelCorps

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    I thought it was illegal for minors to purchase alcohol, not ingest it in small amounts with the permission of their parents?

    Frankly, I think it's important to let your kids have a couple tastes --> The kids that are losing their minds drinking 40oz. bottles every weekend these days are often the ones that were flatly forbidden it until 18/19/21.
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  5. BigBob

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    Is that Jack's younger brother?

    I don't see a huge deal about it because it may have just been an accident.. and as a lot of people have said since seeing the video, maybe it really wasn't beer. Haha, no, doubtful.

    ATARIGUY Beermister

    The bottle appeared to be empty IMHO
  7. Th3Pr3Tz3l

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    I thought so too.

    Absolutely correct.

    Damn. All I've been doing lately is agreeing with other people. You guys need to stop saying what I would say before me! :shake:

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