Calling the wrong person "mom"


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I'm sure lot's of us have done it, one time or another. It's embarassing, everyone has a laugh and life goes on lol.

I only remember one time doing it, but I'm sure there were a few other times. It was in grade 4 and I was going up to the teachers desk to ask a question about some math I was doing. Instead of saying 'Mrs. M', I blurted out 'Hey, Mom?...I mean...Mrs. M.' She had a good chuckle and I'm sure my face turned pretty red. Thankfully the rest of the class didn't hear it, or it'd've been a while before I lived it down =P

So how about yourselves? Ever have a moment like that? Ever called the wrong person mom absent mindedly?
Not just mom, but I've called a bunch of people the wrong name plenty of times despite knowing their name full well.

Mostly the latter though.


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Yep! I've done it to teachers, friends... Hell, there were times I was at work and accidentally called a few customers mom. >.<



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I have done it a thousand times. I did it most when I was little because all I could see were ankles and knees so I assumed people wearing the same kind of pants as my mom were my mom... because in crowds it's hard to tell :/


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Geez, I hate that. It happens mostly when you have a close relationship with a female figure that you think could be your mom, in my opinion. It might be a psychological thing, but its still embarrassing!


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I don't think I've ever done this, at least not that I remember.

I deliberately call my English teacher mom though. Two of my friends do it too, it's because other people have called her it by accident, and she's a lot like a stereotypical mom.


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I've said it to your mother before Danny but she told me she liked it.

I called a teacher 'dad' before in school. Unfortunately all of the class did hear me and didn't let me forget about it for many months.


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I used to do it while I was in elementary school, it pissed me off a lot when I did it especially when I did it to a teacher that I hated.


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I vagely remember doing this once in Primary school to a teacher. Of course everyone thought it was hilarious and laughed right in my FACE and I got really embarassed.

Other people in the class did it too, and everyone laughed at them too.

I did that to my science teacher once in the first version of 6th grade. And again to my choir teacher in junior year.

what's even worse is that once i called my mom by my stepmother's name. that took a while to live down >.< she got pissed.