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Calling Any Computer Guru?


Registered Member
Is there anyone here that knows plenty about working on computers?

If so I have a couple of questions that I would like to ask?

How many different thintgs for one can make a computer to run slow?
How can you speed it up?


Well-Known Member
The answer to this question is sort of impossible. There really are an innumerable number of reasons a computer could be running slow.

You'll have to be a lot more specific.


Registered Member
What kind of things would you need me to ask?

I can tell you that I have Comcast Xfinity internet, I have both a Windows 7 and a Windows Vista ..The windows Vista is working wireless..
What else would you need to know?


Creeping On You
What kind of programs are you running. What's the processor speed, and quantity of ram. If you right click on the 'My Computer' icon, and select 'Properties', it should tell you all that stuff. At least for vista. Not sure where to find that stuff in windows 7.


Registered Member
This is info for the Windows 7 which i am currently using right now...

Processor.. AMD Anthlon (tm) 64x2 Dual Core Processor 5000+ 2.60 GHz
Installed memory (RAM) 3.94 GH
System type..64 bit bit Operating System

I will have to check what the info is on the Vista a little later.


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go to speedtest.net and run the speed test for your internet connection.

Is your computer slow or just your internet?

Since you're obviously not a "guru" with computers I'd advise you to also keep an antivirus program and maybe a registry/startup cleaner such as Glary Utilities.


Registered Member
Thanks Dave and Smelnick... It has been running a little faster.
I believe to me it was running slower because when trying to get on here to GF during downtime that is why I thought this was really slow.

But now that everything is fine here again it seems normal.;)


Problematic Shitlord
Your system is still quite dated to be honest. I would upgrade within a year. If it was mine, I'd upgrade it tomorrow :lol:

Even at a Walmart you could get a rig for under $500 that is at least double the speed and power of this one you have now.


A few common slowdown culprits you may want to check...
1> Having more than one antivirus program running at the same time.
(Check for names like McAfee, Symantec, Norton, Avast, AVG in your installed programs list and if you find more than one antivirus program, uninstall one)
2> Adware/Malware - Regular antivirus programs may still let in adware or other junk. A program like Malwarebytes can scan your computer for these other types of programs and remove them.
3> Hard Drive getting full - Check to make sure you have plenty of free space on your C drive.
4> Browser cache too bloated - Google for instructions on how to clear your browser cache, it's a bit different for each browser.
5> Programs downloading or updating in the background - Remember if you're downloading stuff or your OS or programs are set to update or do virus scans in the background, this will severely slow down your system while it's happening. Windows and most apps can be set for user prompted updates/scans only.
6> Hard drive fragmentation - Run your hard drive defragmentor program from your start menu. I don't use Vista so I can't say exactly where you'll find it, but for me it's in Programs->Accessories->System Utilities (Windows 7).
7> Loose or faulty cable connections to your modem/router - Make sure all cables running to the router from the computer and the wall jack are snug.

... Hope one of those hits the spot for you.

- Cham