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Calling All Reality TV Addicts


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I'm wanting to find out who all here likes to watch Reality TV shows & which ones do you watch?

Im an addict of most of the Celeb-Reality shows on VH1:
Surreal Life (but for me, only every other season has been worth watching & this season has me glued!)
Celebrity Fit Club
Flavor Of Love (I know it just ended, but watching all those girls go at each other was pure entertainment)
Hogan Knows Best
My Fair Brady

Black. White. on FX
Super Nanny
Nanny 911
Wife Swap
Trading Spouses

I'll probably think of some more, but want to here from you guys!


what? no pink?
I don't have time to watch the t.v that often. lol

but I have watched Survivor since it started 6 years ago, and have been addicted. and I watch american idol if that can be considered reality t.v. hehe other than that I don't watch any of the other ones.


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I was a big Survivor fan a few seasons ago. I watched the All Star season and loved it. I'd like to get back into it but I find it hard to find time for all of these prime time shows.

Same with American Idol. I watched several episodes this season but for the past 4 weeks I've missed it. I don't end up watching as much TV as I would like sometimes, but most people would consider that a good problem to have. :)

I usually just watch late night sitcom reruns.


what? no pink?
well I only watch american idol on tuesdays, I don't watch it on wednsday to see who got voted off. I usually just check that out online before I go to bed LOL which by the way I am soooooooooooooo glad that "chicken little" is finally gone. but I find it amusing that he gets the boot after he sang rather well for the first time. haha all this time how much he sucked and never even was in the bottom three! and tuesday I thought he did pretty well for the first time and slam gone! LOL poor guy. But I thought he was on borrowed time anyway : )


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Vega's review:

Surreal Life -

Only one I saw was this last one with the Janice/Omarosa feud. It had me glued to the TV, was pretty interesting. I'd watch the show again if I happened to catch some good action like that.

Celebrity Fit Club -

My favorite of the current reality TV shows by far. This show is interesting, plus it's also very educational as it inspired me to go on my own self-made weight loss routine that brought me down from the heaviest weight of my life at 198lbs. to my regular weight before I started getting lazy and packing it on at 174. Actually, I'm now 171 and still losing, and this show is great because it does what many assume is the impossible or near impossible task of losing weigh. It actually shows you on a week by week basis that real weight loss and real results IS actually possible, even for the heaviest of us. I will definately be watching this show until it goes off the air for good, nomatter who the guests.

Flavor Of Love -

I'll admit, I watched it a few times near the end. The chick fights were interesting, but I still don't get the reason for this show being in existance. Like just who the F* is this annoying guy and why the F* does he deserve a whole reality TV show just to find a date? I mean COME ON!!! wtf??? It's just.... he's just..... I don't get it. Like why the F*.... errm..... nevermind, I'm starting to get a migrane.

Hogan Knows Best -

ehhh.... watched it a couple times simply because I'm a former wrestling fan, but I'm not all that attached to it. The family seems too typical for me. They're nothing out of the ordinary for me, and in fact I've been around families like that before in real life and they either infuriate me or bore me. It's just.... meh....

My Fair Brady -

Only one reason to watch this show: ADRIAN CURRY.... Damn she is fine! Not too hot (after all, she is a supermodel, which means she lacks any kind of build whatsoever), but she is super-sexy. So yeah, I don't watch much of this show, but some of it, sometimes.


Black. White. on FX -

I would watch this show, but am not, simply because it comes on at the exact same time as all the new episodes of two of my other favorite shows on another channel: South Park and Mind of Mencia. So I probably won't see this show. This is one of those anyways that is probably best watched from the beginning.

Super Nanny -

wtf? Come on. If this is the show that I think it is, then I hate the concept of it. Parental propaganda.

Nanny 911 -

Nope, nevermind, I think this was the show I was referring to in the last one, definately. In any case, both shows are a no-go for me.

Wife Swap -

Never heard of it.

Trading Spouses -

Heard of it but never seen it.

And since I'm posting, I'll add one to the list.

The Ultimate Fighter -

Don't know how many people here would be interested in it, but it's a cool show. Buckeye, where are you? Back me up.
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Wow Vega...thanks for your reviews! Very entertaining!

I've never heard of The Ultimate Fighter. Which channel is that one on?

For 'Surreal Life', my fave seasons were 2 & 4. Season 1 I didn't see cuz I didn't even know it was on. Season 2 had Vanilla Ice, Eric Estrada, Tracy Bingham, Ron Jeremy, & others. Season 3 had Jordan Knight, Brigitte Nielson, Flavor Flav, Dave Coulier, Charo, & someone else I can't remember (wasn't that entertaining). Season 4 had Adrienne Curry, Christopher Knight, Chyna, Da Brat, Verne Troyer, & others. Season 5 was Omarosa & Janice Dickinson & all the others (I didn't catch most of that season). This season: Alexis Arquette, C.C. Deville, Tawny Kitaen, Florence Henderson, Shermon Helmsly, & others.

As for Flavor of Love, obviously you've seen that VH1 does spin-off shows from their other shows. Surreal Life 3 had Flavor Flav & Brigitte Nielson & they 'hooked up' on that show. The next season started off with their own reality show: Strange Love. Apparrantly Flav has become some kind of big hit again & maybe that's why they decided to do Flavor of Love? I don't know, I mostly watched it for the cat-fights cuz I'd LMAO every time I watched it. That one episode towards the end where that blonde spit on the other girl was the best one.

My Fair Brady was a spin off from Surreal Life 4 where Adrienned Curry & Christopher Knight hooked up on that one. I don't know if they're gonna come out with a new season of this one or not.

Hogan Knows Best is watched more by him than by me. He's also a wrestling fan so he wanted to see this. I just LMAO at the part when Hogan went into Albertson's to get tampons for his daughter.

Black. White. on FX is pretty good so far, but yeah, I'd have to agree that you'd probably have to see all the episodes.

Super Nanny & Nanny 911 are pretty much the same just different channels & different nannies. I don't watch it to try to learn anything from it, I watch it purely for entertainment purposes. It's amazing the way some of these families live & some of the things their kids do & get away with.

Wife Swap & Trading Spouses are also the same concept on different channels. On both shows the wives trade places & go live the other woman's hubby & kids for a couple weeks. They always manage to find 2 families that are so completely different & diverse from each other that this one also goes on my list of watching for entertainment purposes.

I liked what you said about Celebrity Fit Club, I've picked up on some things from that show too. Which reminds me, another one to add to the list:
The Biggest Loser


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The Ultimate Fighter is on Spike TV. The first season was the only good one. This last time the producers did an absolutely horrid job of picking guys who ended up getting to the matches and just freezing because they were afraid of getting hit. It was super pathetic ("<EDIT: language warning>"-). Season 3 is around the corner, and I'm going to watch because the coaches should be a whole lot better. It's Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock, both well known names in the sport. Matt Hughes was an ass last season and Rich Franklin was new to me. It's a guy thing though, so it may not appeal to women.

I heard of The Biggest Loser too but never seen it. Is it with ordinary guys who are super big? I know Celebrity Fit Club usually has a spread of super heavy, to heavy, to guys who are so thin by comparison that they shouldn't even be on the show at all (Gary Busey, Willie Aimes, Gunnar Nelson, etc). And oddly enough, it's those thinner guys who have tended to demonstrate the least dedication to the show, or quit.

You know what reality show was really good also from Spike? Joe Schmo. Did you ever see that one? The first was priceless TV.

Julie said:
Season 5 was Omarosa & Janice Dickinson & all the others (I didn't catch most of that season).
Well then you didn't miss much. It was all Janice and Omarosa. Pretty much the Janice and Omarosa show. The other people were insignificant no-names basically.

Julie said:
Apparrantly Flav has become some kind of big hit again & maybe that's why they decided to do Flavor of Love? I don't know, I mostly watched it for the cat-fights cuz I'd LMAO every time I watched it. That one episode towards the end where that blonde spit on the other girl was the best one.
Yeah I know, that was also priceless TV. I wanna see those two <EDIT: language warning> go at it in a celebrity boxing match. I was totally on the blonde's side too because that other <EDIT: language warning> who made it to the end was something else. I hate overdramatic fakes like that. I was hoping that Flav was going to pick her too because the one he did pick was young, hot, fun, and obviously too good for his 40+ year old arse. *shudders* Poor Hoopz :cry:
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Well, Omarosa was originally a contestant on NBC's "The Apprentice" and due to her trouble getting along with anybody on that show, she ended up on a lot of others. She had a whole fan following for a while, and if I remember correctly she also ended up on Fear Factor.


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The Biggest Loser is regular people. And most of them are extremely overweight. It's 2 teams, each made up of 4 people. They go thru a few weeks on the show, weigh in, then have to go back home for a few months & try to stay on the diet/program. Then they all come back & have a final weigh-in & whichever team loses the most wins $50,000.
I just saw a commercial on VH1 that next weekend they're having a "Flavor Of Love" reunion show. From seeing the commercials, looks like it should be very entertaining!
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Not sure if these fall under the heading of reality TV but I enjoy . . .
Dr. G
First 48 Hours
City Confidential
Dominic Dunne Power and Privileged
Myth Busters
Survivor man
and so on