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Calling all Gretzky fans!


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I was browsing eBay and noticed that these things do pretty well...So I dug out one I had in keeping for a while.
Thanks for taking a looksee!
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~Lucky 13 strikes again~
The great one..:::::Bowing:::::: Oh I wish I had the scratch for that one.
Good luck..

If it doesn't sell I might have to make you an offer for it. :nod: :D

Hey Dawn poped in and told me to bid...So guess what ..You got your first bid....Me :D :lol: :D
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Cool...I almost hope it DOESN'T go up! It's a nice jersey. Been around too long though...needs to go bah bye! Besides, they've been fetching quite a price on eBay. Good luck Surfer! Thanks for the bid!


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Hey, I used to play street hockey with Wayne when he was just a lad. Ok, I didn't, but I did grow up in the same city as he did if that counts for anything and lived right above a freeway now called "Wayne Gretzky Drive".

Might not be a good time to be selling the great one's stuff though with the gambling allegations still an unsettled business. I think when the news first broke pre-Olympics, stuff was hot but it's cooled down.

How did the auction wind up?