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Calling all comic fans.!!


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all . I was emailed this by one of the comic companies that I have worked for in the past..Most people don't know that alot of the original comics were owned by the comicbook company..The old school artist didn't receive royalties like today..Just a pay check(not that big either).And back then there was no retirement or 401k.. So some of the greatest artist of their time are now in need of the fans help..To read more please visit the site..


Many of the great artist have inspired us in one way or another to be the best at waht we do or want to do. Now it's time to give a little back to them. So If you can please order one of the bands..I just ordered 20 myself to give to family and friends..
Every little bit helps and shows that we the fans do really care. And to say thank you for all the great comics and places they took us to as kids..


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Night how is my box coming along??? hahahahahah

Hey and do you have any of those little comic boxes left??? My 13 year old foster son is leaving this weekend that I have had for over a year and a half and I was thinking I would like to throw him something nice together for christmas?
Something he can keep his little trinkets in that he gets along the way in life!

His Sister is going to live with him in a week also...not sure about what to do for her yet.....If you have something she would like too maybe ...she is 7....ugggg not sure about her!!!

Let me know


Wanna play?
Hey Night, when I ordered it said there were only 88 available, any idea how many they started off with?

AngelsPeak said:
Hey Night, when I ordered it said there were only 88 available, any idea how many they started off with?
Only 70 left!! Seems the word got out!
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~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi I think they started out with 1,500..It originaly started at the Toy fare expo as a spectial promotion and now has grown..
I would love to see all the greats get the money and help they all deserve..
If it wasn't for them I would not be doing what I do.....
So a big thank you to all the greats.. :D
And hats off to Stan Lee for bringing this to the attention of the whole comic world and for your influence as well...