Calling all artists..

Anyone interested in having an art contest just for fun?
We could choose a theme and it'll be whatever medium you like best.


Sally Twit
I'd like to be a judge.

I wouldn't post my art because I'd embarrass you all... :shifteyes:
Does poetry/prose count as art?
Not for this contest. You could always do something in the literature section.

I'd personally rather keep that separate.

Sure, I'm game for one. Suggestions:

I was thinking each person could choose to do what they're best at. We could decide on a theme and everyone could have a go in their medium of choice.

Sounds like fun,can doodlers have a go to!.lol.
Oh please.:rolleyes: Yes, Wolf even doodlers which you are certainly not.

If first prize is a cookie, I'm game!
I was thinking pie, but cookies work just as well.

Man, if the prize is a cookie I'm in.

Ok, I'm in regardless. Let's do this!
Awesome. I'd like to get it going as soon as the writing contest entries have all been submitted.

Theme suggestions?