Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


Son of Liberty

The US Release date for this work of art is November 10, 2009. Who's getting it? Are you excited? Pre-Order it?

I had COD4:MW and it was probably one of the best games I've ever played. However I played with a Clan that eventually broke up.... So I'm Curious as to who will be getting this one. Do you play with Clans? Or what I'm really interested in is will you be rolling with a GF Clan.

The real secret to the story here is.... I'm trying to convince myself to buy a 360, I wanna see if the peeps here are planning on playing this one, but more importantly planning on playing together


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IT COMES ON MY BIRTHDAY! BITCHES!!!! Oh yeah, I'm definately getting it now. MAG can suck one. Oh yeah, and I'll roll with the GF clan. Can I invite a few friends?


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Isn't it a international release? And I didn't pre-order it becayse I was too lazy lol, but I will attempt to buy it when it first comes out here, going to get it on PC tho.


Son of Liberty
Cons has a PS3?????? Why did I not know of this?

And I have to lawl at the PS3 crew coming out of the woodwork on this one, especially considering my whole purpose of the thread was to see who was planning on playing it for the 360 :hah: