Call of Duty leading or following?

Do you think call of duty is following?

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Is seems to me Call of duty is following the game company that made Battlefield

(now why do i say this??)

Battlefield used to be a WWII game and moved to modern combat then to future
Call of duty used to be a WWII game and is now moving to modern conflict?

I think Call of duty isnt being original...


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There's no real "following" going on. They're just making the same switch that many game series eventually do from one time period to another. WWII shooters are like fucking rabbits . . . they breed overnight and you're overrun with hundreds of new ones each day, it's so freaking frustrating.


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Well, it was a rebranding in terms of game engine and changing the narrative somewhat (MoH never had multiple characters), however the general way the game operates is pretty much pillaged from MoH Frontline and Allied Assault.