California Coast Photog Requests


Son of Liberty
if you saw this thread:

Then you know I'm going to be on the California Coast this weekend. I've got near 3 whole days to take pictures, only one night where I'm "on assignment" already.

So heres the gig, I'll be up and down this strip (US101)

I wont be going any lower than the town of Santa Maria itself unless I have a really good reason. So anywhere in between Santa Maria and Pismo Beach is within my striking range. The three red arrows are where I will without a doubt be taking pictures.

But it doesnt just have to be there. So I ask, does anyone here have any requests? Any style you're interested? Anything? I'll already be taking pics so I might as well tack on to my assignment with some personal goals right ;)


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A friend of mine did a 24 hour Paris project. Meaning he was literally taking pics for 24 hours (it had more than 24 pictures though since he'd also take several in an hour; they're also time stamped - or the title of the pics were). It's like a photo blog about the day. Wonderful.


Son of Liberty
Okie dokie, well I took a bunch, heres a sampling of just the Beach ones that I felt worthy of sharing.




These pictures plus more can be found on my profile Album "Photography by Goat".
I've also got 500+ Race shots :hah: but I havent gone through and weeded out the bad ones yet so chances are that number will shrink significantly hahaha.
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Whoa, the first picture looks cool. Looks like a flying dragon from a video game. /nerdness

I also the like third one, the water looks pure and clean. =D