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Calendar Pictures


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This is a sorta game or activity really... but I'm putting it here to be more noticeable.
Dead Simple concept.

Basically on a given subject people post pictures to do with that subject, that is tied in with the concept of a calendar.

There is no signing up. It's just a first come first serve thing. People can even have more than one go or more if need be. Although don't take consecutive goes.
For any given subject there are only to be twelve picture posts for that subject, going in line with 12 months in a year, like a calendar would be.

The winner is deduced by general kudos and praise from anyone that leaves such comments. If no praise is apparent, then I might stick up some voting poll thing... dependent on the views of people involved with the thing.

The winner will then be politely asked to leave their choice of subject for the next calendar and to start it off with the first picture - That would be January I suppose.
Something that would also be cool to see is those that come up with the best subjects... I mean, they can be anything.

So - to begin I'll start with some subject and a picture and that. Have a ball everyone.

Birds (In general - Any bird will do)


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A Bird of Prey is one that is carnivorous in general and doesn't just consume insects. Like an Eagle or a Hawk. Or even a Shirke if you want.

However. I'm gonna change the subject to 'Birds' in general. --
Although I can't see your picture, Regret.


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Well... yeah and that too smart-arse :p :D -- Vultures are cool, a relative of mine was told he looked like one. It was a true statement.

April -
The Secretary Bird:




The Nifty Fifty


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I like that bird too. Is it really called the Nifty Fifty. It sounds almost ridiculous for the name of a bird species. Nonetheless. It is colourful and cool.


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There must be different varieties of these birds? Or perhaps it's the female, of which I'm unfamiliar. Although, the idea of 'nifty fifty' did perplex me.

I am familiar with the male of the species and it's plumage.


Nonetheless. A cool choice from you Mr Tuck. Even if that bird does look like it's been beaten up quite severely. It looks like an end of level 'baddie' in a computer game.

I shall continue the proceedings with:

July -
The Red-Backed Shrike:

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