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Calculator or Brain?


Sally Twit
When it comes to numbers, are you good at working them out in your head or do you always use a calculator?

My dad and boyfriend can work out sums pretty quickly, where as I have always been terrible. I have to use a calculator for the smallest of sums. I don't think I ever work them out in my head. Not since school anyway haha. Maths is definitely my worst subject.


I've been out of school for 7 years now, so I lean on the calculator a lot more these days. My brain's gotten pretty rusty. Haha. During school and right after, I could figure out most math problems in my head without much trouble. I probably should brush up on my math, 'cause at this rate, I'll forget how to count by the time I turn 40. :lol:
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Calculator almost all the time for me. I can't brain when it comes to numbers and have never been able to.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
If it's big numbers then I'll usually use the calculator, it's faster and more reliable then my brain.

One of my buddies is incredible when it comes to numbers, he can add up almost anything in a few seconds. I don't understand how some people are so fast when it comes to number solving. I'm decent, but compared to him I'm simply pathetic.


Noo, not really. I'm not good at working out numbers in my head. I have to have a calculator because I'm not quick at calculating them fast. I've always been like this, lately I've gotten worse :lol:.


still nobody's bitch
Calculator, for sure. I wasn't bad at working things out in my head when I was working as a pizza delivery person, but once I got out of practice I went back to being shite at it.


yellow 4!
I use the calculator on my PC all the time. It's so quick to pull up that I even use it for embarrassingly simple sums. Sometimes I like to use my brain though, just to check it's still working. But I hate maths.


Ms. Malone
Brain no function when numbers are involved.

I was always bad with Maths, even in high school; i'm terrible with even the basic multiplication tables even though we used to have to recite them in juniors.

My lack of skills showed on saturday while working the shop at the tournament. Toni says she's bad, but i'm worse. Thank fuck for phones :lol:


Registered Member
Maths has always been my best subject. I've always been good at doing the problems in my head, so I don't use a calculator.