Cable vs DSL High Speed Internet?


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Which one do you use? Cable Modem, DSL Modem, or... the other one?

I have been on a cable modem for years now and haven't had any problems really. Connection has always been fast, and has also been lag free for the most part.

I hear DSL is more consistent, but I have yet to notice a slow time with cable..


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I have DSL, through Verizon. I've NEVER had a downtime or cut off. I'm serious, too. It's never lagged, ever. I get 135 kb/s on my speed tests, and I've seen speeds of 140-150 kb/s if I'm downloading from a fast server.


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I have Comcast cable. It's pretty fast most of the time. It's goes out every now and then though. Comcast just isn't very reliable, but unfortunately they have a monopoly on cable around here.


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I have used a Cable Modem for the last 3 years, and there is no way anyone could get me to switch... Its gone out on me a few times, but those were servicing issues


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I have cable. Never used DSL so I can't really say. I've had some problems with my Wifi and my laptop, but that's more of a router / ethernet card issue than the actual ISP. To my knowledge our service has never gone out except for planned and pre-announced servicing.


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I had dsl in maryland, i got a 6mb cable line in corbin now. its fast and i love it.. I'll prolly be moving back up to MD though now.. So.. awww :(


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Years ago I used to have a really good DSl provider. But, I have no idea what happen to them. I think they went out of business. Now, I have optimun Online Cable. I guess it's pretty good.


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Ive got cable. I think I get 3mbps or somewhere around there. Its faster than my brothers Verizon DSL, but also its cebridge.....I have a problem atleast once a month with cutouts or something stupid like a forgotten payment.:p