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Buying yourself a birthday gift.


Creeping On You
So yesterday, I hummed and hawed inside of radio shack for half an hour. I was trying to decided if I should buy an ipod or not. I had the money and the desire, but anytime I make a large purchase I always take awhile to talk myself into it. Eventually I did decide and bought myself a 200 dollar ipod nano. It's freaking sweet, I love it =P I love thefact that when I shake it, it shuffles the songs =P That's so cool.

So how about yourselves? When it comes to buying yourself something nice, how long does it take you to decided? Do you sometimes end up scrapping the purchase and saving your money for later? GF wants to know =P


yellow 4!
I don't make enough money to do that for myself lol. If I want something really bad then I'd just ask for it as a birthday present or whatever. It would take me a while to convince myself to buy it even if I did have the money as I hate letting go of large amounts of cash in one purchase. Can you tell I live on the edge? :lol:


Formerly "Maikeru"
My last birthday, i bought myself a ps3, took me an hour to make the decision whether to buy it or not ^^

When the object is expensive its natural to take some time in consideration


Registered Member
I buy stuff for myself all the time. Usually Clothes. I was spending about 150-200 a week on clothes in the summer.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
It's harder for me to decide what to buy for myself, and easier when I want to buy things for other people. But birthday is a good excuse and I've always thought they're important. If I have nothing special I wanted, I still try to treat myself that day be it buying food that I like to eat (yeah, simple things like that).

During my last birthday, I bought a DVD that I think was expensive and wanted to buy before but didn't buy because I would always see other DVDs that are cheaper and would appeal to more people at home (even if I don't particularly like them as much).


Boom Boom Pow!
It actually takes me a while to decide to buy something for myself that is expensive and nice. I usually talk myself in and out of it like a million times before I decide.
Somtimes I will just end up leaving it and saving my money for later.


Future is Fused 3036A.D.
I usually know exactly what to get myself though I will take time shopping for it to be just right and the best available.

This year I saved it though. I intended on putting a new sound system in this jeep because the one I had before got totaled in my previous ride by some old man running a red light so the one I have now still has everything stock :-/

But anyway, looking forward to a summer trip so I thought it would be smarter to get everything in order with that before I splurged on my ride. Not to mentioned it would be the 3rd or 4th complete sound system overhaul I have done so the excitement isn't what it used to be in terms of the sense of urgency.


Registered Member
If I want something then I get it, simple as that! I buy at least one movie almost everytime I leave the house!

My last big self-purchase was my cell phone but that was nearly 5 years ago!


If there is something I like then I encourage my family and friends to give me money instead. I put my money away till I have anough saved to purchase it.