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Discuss Buying things you don't need


Sally Twit
I went to a market with my mum and mama yesterday. I noticed people buying things they probably wouldn't have ever gone out of their way to buy. It's like people feel they should buy something just because they are there. I am talking about the kind of stuff you can just tell people will throw in their cupboards when they get home.

Are you guilty of this?


aka ginger warlock
If I am buying things like Tech I will always buy it because I know I will need it at some stage or I will use it right away. My biggest "things I don't need" purchase is shopping, when I go to asda I will always buy things I don't or shouldn't buy. Crisps, chocolate, full fat pepsi, I shouldn't but these things, not only do they hurt my jean size they hurt my wallet and I always spend way more than I should, I would say half of my money problems are because of this but I need my comfort foods, simple as that.


Registered Member
I have a talent for buying things I don't need. I will get it in my head that I do need it and it be useful, but then after a few days I wonder why.

If I go to Sainsbury's or Asda without a list I will buy food I like the look of, generally the bad stuff. And more often than not it isn't easy to get a decent meal out of any of it. I am getting better with lists, but my new thing is to swap things of similar price, so in my head I am not spending anymore money, but i still don't need what I have got....


No Custom Title Exists
This is how hoarding begins..

The stuff I buy is usually sports related especially off the Manchester United site, movies and games. Ugh, it's the worst habit ever. I love games but I waste too much money on it because I barely play any anymore.


yellow 4!
Don't think I'm too bad at this. I don't really like to have too much clutter, so it's easy to persuade myself not to buy something on the basis that it will just sit around and do nothing.

I occasionally buy clothes I don't need, but that's about it.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Oh yeah, I'm horrible at buying things I don't need. Comic books, T-Shirts, energy drinks...you name it. I really need to clamp down on things like this to improve my saving process.


Registered Member
That's the goal of modern advertising. They want to make you buy stuff that you don't need. People are just getting trapped. That's it.


Creeping On You
I'm bad at buying things in the checkout line lol. They put racks of chocolate bars and little knicknacks by the register. I seem to always throw in an extra chocolate bar or something.

I guess that's not so bad though because I do end up eating it. So its not so useless.


I ♥ Haters
I'm an impulsive buyer... I buy shit I don't need all the time. Like, my closet and dresser is literally overflowing with clothes, shoes and handbags, some of which I've never used. (I think a couple of my handbags still have their original price tags :shifteyes:) I also do this with jewelry and makeup. I will admit that while my impulsiveness is pretty bad, it has toned down a bit and it's not as bad as it was last year.


Registered Member
I am horrified at how much I spent on a food mixer. I have used it once, and that was to mix a packet cake mix. I ought to use it more, and it should encourage me to cook more, but I don't enjoy cooking at all. It does have a dough hook so if ever I want to fancy baking bread that will help. I go for the easy option with making food.