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Buying or bidding on ebay


Son of Liberty
I've bought lots of stuff on ebay lately. I've bought watches, cuff links, even a new Dallas Cowboys jacket for pretty cheap. Right now I'm bidding on some 1970's Dallas Cowboys trading cards. I've gotten some really great deals on ebay.

Anyone else do this?


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I buy on Ebay but only Buy it Now items. I never sell on Ebay. I reserve my selling for online yard sales and my actual yard sale.


Son of Liberty
Most of mine is Buy Now as well, but when it comes to things like trading cards most of it is done with bidding which I like doing. I hate losing out on a bid though and I hate it when the price has been driven to more than what I was planning on paying. That happened recently with a watch but I REALLY wanted that watch, and paid about $15 more than what I had originally planned.


Well-Known Member
Most of the stuff I buy on eBay is video game related. I'm growing my collection pretty regularly and buying stuff that I enjoy. I realize I don't really need most of it, but I still like to have it.

Recent things I've bought

3x Nintendo gamecube official controller (one black, one purple, one white).

The controllers were getting super worn out and I had recently also purchased a new orange controller. I figured after 10 years it was time to get a new set. They're more comfortable, no buttons jam, and they're all mine. :) To be used only by myself and with friends.


Sally Twit
Hardly ever. I think it's a great idea, but I worry people will leave negative comments or pretend the item you posted never got to them.
I won a phone at work once and managed to sell it on eBay for £150. The person wanted it shipping to another country and offered to pay a lot more than the asking price for it. I think I made an extra £90 which was pretty awesome.


aka ginger warlock
I have bought and sold things on eBay in the past and I have always found it to be a pretty okay and decent enough experience. For the most part people are decent and honest. You also have the people of eBay and PayPal on your side, if you suspect foul play they will help you and let you know. For example if you sell something to someone and the person turns out to be less than reputable they will tell you and will allow you cancel the sale and put it back up for re-sale with no problems.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
My Dad has but I've never bought anything on Ebay.

I'm sure there are a ton of awesome things out there too that I would want.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I've never used eBay but always feel like I should try it out. I usually just go straight to Amazon and pay instead of bidding knowing that I'll be happy with my product. But I should check it out for specialty items or comic books that I want to get. I know I saw Deadpool's first appearance in X-Force on there once and was tempted lol.


Registered Member
I have both bought and sold on ebay. I don't do it very often though, and I only buy if it is the cheapest way of getting what I want. When I sell, which is rare, I try and wait for weekends when they have no insertion fees etc.


I used to use eBay quite often 10 or so years ago. I bought a lot of old systems, like the SNES and Genesis. It went smoothly for a year or two and then I got burned a few times. I've never gone back. I'd rather buy stuff off of Amazon these days.