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Buying gifts for your parents?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Do you guys have a hard time buying gifts for your parents, for there birthday or another special occasion?

My dad isn't all that hard to buy for because he's a mechanic and I just buy him tools and such, but my other is the total opposite. It's so hard to buy stuff for her, so now me and my brother just give her gift cards to a book store(she loves reading) or the movie theaters, or restaurants.

What you say?


Haters gonna hate.
I know what my parents like and enjoy, and I always get them that. They always enjoy what I get them, too...

I guess that's the perfect situation.


Living on the 0th floor
It isn't too hard for me.. My dad pretty much likes golf, hockey, itunes giftcards, and electronics.. So I usually find something within those categories to get him.

My mom is easy because she will just out and tell you exactly what she wants.. If for some reason she doesn't have a specific thing she wants, she loves dragonflies, reading, bird feeders, garden type decorations, and anything that is unique and funny. The only thing I will very, very rarely buy her is jewelry. She is very picky about her jewelry, and tends to have tastes that are out of my price range for that.. Unless it is handmade, occasionally I can get away with crafty types of jewelry pieces.

I love giving gifts, so I am constantly keeping my eyes open, year round, for gifts I think people may like when the occasion arises that I need to give one.


Ms. Malone
Both parents are pain to buy for. If my dad sees something he likes, he usually gets it himself while my mum never knows what she wants and doesn't have many hobbies or interests.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Mine are both extremely easy to buy for because they always straight up tell me what they want for Mothers/Fathers Day and Christmas and Birthdays. It's pretty awesome because otherwise I wouldn't have a frickin clue what to get them.


It's very hard for me to buy gifts for mom because for the simple fact that she's very picky about everything.
I buy her only on her birthday and yet she hasn't really liked anything from me lol. ...

So yeah, It's really hard for me to buy anything for her.


Registered Member
Both of my parents are deceased, but it got harder and harder to buy for them as the years went by. It got to the point where they had everything! For my Mother, it was a safe thing to buy something sentimental, because she loved that stuff. And she kept it all, believe me, because I have it all now :)
My Dad had this huge 4 car garage, he loved working on the old antique cars and trucks, fixing them up. But he had everything a mechanic needed, he even had one of those car lifts. But he was a diabetic, and he loved candy, so I always bought him some diabetic candy on special occasions. To tell you the truth, I really truly miss buying gifts for them :(


I find my Mum very hard to buy for, it doesn't help that she always just says "Don't get me anything" either.


Sally Twit
I put a lot of thought in to their gifts but an idea will always pop in to my head.
If all else fails, my mum loves flowers and my dad loves alcohol.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Yes because we don't talk often and I haev no clue about their current interests... I would resort to generic gifts or just ask them what they want.