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Buying an Iphone -Apple won't take cash


Registered Member
I jsut heard about this the other day. For those who are considering to buy an Iphone. Apple will no longer take cash on your purchase, a credit card or debit card is needed for the purchase. This is to prevent customers from committing fraud and nto able one person to purchase more than one phone to export to another country. To me, I think things are getting way out of hand and this is absolutely ridiculous. You should be allow to purchase the phone by paying any method you choose. In the end, they will get your money so it doesn't make a big difference how you purchase it.


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Staff member
You can't pay cash for one? So if I walked into Best Buy, per say, and handed the cashier $500 (or whatever it is) in cash they have been told to NOT accept it? Isn't that a decision each store should make on their own?


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I agree with Gwiz... things are really getting out of control... Why is Apple afraid of the iPhones being exported to other countries? they already are for god sake! They can't stop them from going can they?

And for the guy that opened the iPhone I congratulate him for opening, without damaging, the mobile phone that could not be opened... XD You are a genius!

Andrew... I think that if u pay them $550 they will give you the iPhone just to have some extra cash....XD how can Apple control who bought with a credit card? The store can easily say that they lost a couple of iPhones and will pay the damage... XD


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Yeah, for a $5 per transaction service charge.

I'm going to be very, very angry if we ever get "fingerprint" pay methods and they charge a service charge, you'd think that we'd be able to move past that by now.


Food Whore
We're getting one step closer to buying things with our finger prints.....
Actually, i read somewhere that Shell is making it possible for people to pay for gas using their fingerprints.

Honestly, i think this is complete and total BS. I'm surprised that they can legally do this, because most retailers have to accept ALL forms of legal tender. Unless you're going to pay with a wad of $10s, or $20s, then it would be understandable.


Heavy Weapons Guy
Well, that is a sound argument. It should be limited to 1 per customer. There are quite a few people who want one.