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Buying a new PC (for WoW) - HELP!


New Member
Hi everyone!
After 6 years and a couple of repairs my PC is dying and I've decided to buy a new one rather than repair again.
I'm only going to spend around £400 as I don't need anything particularly amazing... BUT I do want it to handle games quite well... I'm looking for advice from hardware geeks who can optimize my modest budget.

Here's what I have seen so far...
15 for a DVD RW
20 for a cheap case
30 for a 500W psu
55 for AM3 socket mobo w/onboard sound
40 for 1TB sata hd
55 for 1GB ddr3 nVidia asus gt220
55 for 4GB 1333mhz RAM (2x2GB)
75 for Athlon II X4 640 (3GHz)
75 for Windows 7

I have a monitor/speakers and trusty old mouse/keyboard that I will be keeping.

Are there any obvious flaws in my design?
Would a 512MB DDR5 graphics card perform better than 1GB DDR3 for gaming? (I will only be playing games on 1280x1024 screen for the forseeable future)

FYI I have no intention of overclocking anything.

Of course the biggest question here is... will that play World of Warcraft: Cataclysm with high settings in busy towns or during raids and be able to maintain a healthy fps (preferably > 30).
I have already read the recommended requirements but they don't say what kindof performance to expect from them... Plus I've heard you need an absolute BEAST of a machine to max out the shadow settings - which implies that the recommended settings are far from whats actually needed for enjoyable gameplay :-\




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In world of Warcraft the main thing that requires a load of power from your PC is the Light/edge softener, I turned that off and jumped from 18fps to 55 or so (on my really old computer).

When looking at cheap hardware just remember that it's important to not get a crappy brand of anything because the hardware will fail.

Here are my recommended brands if you're actually interested in that. What you get is dependent on what you want though.

Graphics Card
And on a deeper level under those


-AMD (they tend to be a lot worse but you can get them if you want, it's definitely nice durable hardware.)

Hard Drive
-Western Digital


Power Supply
-Cooler Master

Operating System
-Windows 7 64 bit (DO NOT get 32 bit)

The power supply preference isn't exactly all that strict however just make sure that you don't get a terrible brand, the specs aren't as important as the brand, it's better to spend $10 extra to get a good brand.

As far as the case goes I would definitely look into getting one that will offer sufficient cooling for your system.
Hopefully that helps.
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