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Buy more than one?


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A lot of sellers offer reduced shipping or reduced price if you buy multiple items from them. Do most of you take advantage of that, or do you just buy what you want and leave it at that?


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Hi ya..

I only buy what I want or need. I see no reason to spend more just to get reduced shipping.

But I do offer lower shipping on multipul auction winnings. Some buy more while others don't.

I guess it's all up to what you got to spend..:lol:


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Well, if the auctioneer offers reduced shipping, I will usually check out their other auctions and see if they have something else that I want or need. Usually, though, I just stick with what I want and buy just that.


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If I'm seriously interested in the item I check the seller's other auctions whether she offers reduced shipping or not. The rationale is if I like one of her items, I might like others. If she has something I would buy anyway, I'll probably buy from her, especially if she combines shipping.


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The worst is when people hike the shipping to save on fees, and they don't discount shipping when you buy more than one, or even do a local pickup.

I bought 5 or so CDs once and had to pay $10 shipping on each.. EACH! They arrived media mail, which took about 4 weeks, and with a grand total on the stamp of something around 58 cents.

So much for $50 shipping. The only reason I paid this much was because the CDs were extremely rare and I wanted them enough to pay the insane shipping. :(


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Yes, and technically, eBay frowns on that, yet it happens way too often. A laptop computer for 1 cent! Plus $200 shipping. That's just WRONG.


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I get really annoyed about the way some buyers hike up the shipping. OKay, a couple of dollars? To be expected. But to charge 10$ shipping for a CD is ridiculous. If I didn't really really want the item, I would make a point of not buying from a seller who charged shipping rates like that. It's obscene.


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I thought this wasn't allowed on Ebay. you should be able to report a seller that is charging outrageous prices for shipping.


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If they are selling DVD's ill look at what else they have in stock. I also buy hair dye online and the sellers offer discounted shipping if you buy a lot of three. I save a ton of money buying my hair color on ebay. :)


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I've had very good luck offering that on items that are tightly related. A little "up to four ship for the same price as one!" and then the other pieces you are selling -- hard to resist.