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Busy day for the Habs!


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The cup has been lifted less than 24 hours ago and already the Habs off-season has begun.

Louis Leblanc, a 1st round draft pick from 2009 that was only drafted to make the language police happy, has been dealt to the Ducks for a conditional 5th rounder. No idea on the conditions...

...and another move to make the language police fill their cups with joy, Michel Therrien has earned himself a four year extension today!


EDIT** - Condition. If Louis Leblanc plays 15 games with the Ducks, the Habs get the pick. If he plays less, they get nothing. If I were the Ducks, I'd give him 14 games. Bring him in next year.


The return shall be legenday!
All the "Habs Twitter" experts were crying wolf about this release, for no specific reason besides playing time. Have they seen him play while he was given ice time? The guy was useless in pretty much every facet of the game. He didn't even dominate the AHL for crying out loud. Injured more than not because the kid needs to gain 25 pounds but yet can't or doesn't have the drive to do so. IMO, good riddance.

As for the Therrien contract. What did you expect after two successful seasons? Clearly he was going to get himself a longterm deal. Should be interesting to see if he's here all 4 years.


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As for Therrien, as I pointed out to the crazies... Ron Wilson got an extension in December and was fired in March ;)

Coaches are hired to be fired.