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  1. MasterChief

    MasterChief New Member

    OK. Post ur future ideas and rate mines. Currently I am a grade 12 student, persuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering. So this is basically my PLAN.

    After graduating from highschool, join Engineering Science at University of Toronto or an aerospace course at Waterloo University. After the years of studying, when I receive my aerospace degree, I will apply for a job in aerospace engineering in NASA, and other space and aeronautical organizations around the world. Once I get accepted, I will get a business degree from Oxford University. After that I will start investing on a small scale, and start a little software research business. As I get settled with the business, I will start investing in stock markets. If the investing in stocks goes well, then I will be able to expand my business. So, with the money flowing in, I will expand my business and add a computer production unit to it, which will produce cheap computers that will get high demand in 3rd-world countries, due to their low prices. Eventually, I will incorporate other electronics equipment and produce them at a very cheap price and sell them, primarily to consumers of 3rd-world and industrializing countries. As the business grows, I will buy lands in countries like India and Pakistan, and will construct malls in those countries. Since demand of property is very high in those countries, and the land price is quite cheap, I should be able to gain a lot of money in this sector. The money will allow me to further expand my business. I will then continue to add more things for production, like cars, TVs, and other things that are too expensive to buy in a lot of countries, but my company will produce it very cheaply. :cool: . Now as my road to becoming a millionaire comes to its destination; I will build a building with the initial "N" on top of it :). My first name start with N, that's why. O and I also plan to buy an island in DubaiWorld by the time I am 40 or 50.

    OK analyzing the above,
    I should get my Aerospace degree by the time I am 24. Then, I should be able to get a job within a year, so by the latest 25, and start a business, and small-scale investments. I get married :nod: . My business degree comes when I am 29 at the latest. Within 5 years max, I should be able to establish my business as a prominent electronics seller in developing countries, and I should have a pretty exciting stock-portfolio. So, I am 34 right now. I should now be well on my way to becoming a millionaire. Now, I will start buying lands and building malls, and department stores, in industrializing or rapidly developing countries. By 40 years, I should have easily become a millionaire. Then, I incorporate the BIG machines in my business (cars, TVs, etc.) and increase my investments and thus, increase my financial status exponentially. Then, I will buy a personal island in DubaiWorld for $25 million. By late 40s, or early 50s, I will build my building, and yea, plan ends here. The rest of the life, I enjoy. So please rate the plan and tell why its good and why it would fail!

  2. Mirage

    Mirage Administrator Staff Member V.I.P.

    Hey there. Good to see somebody else who likes to set high goals for themselves. :) That is a very doable goal if you stay focused and keep working towards it.

    I am very similar with my goals. I don't have the same goals, but one of my main goals is to eventually raise enough money to buy a start-up software development company that is doing well. Then I will use that company to build things that I have been dreaming up for a while now, and as more money comes in I will buy more companies. I'd also like to have significant share holdings as a VC in many different companies.

    I'd like to one day have my hat in the ring with the big computer company giants and buy a really big company such as YouTube, which was recently purchased by Google for $1.65 Billion. I'd certainly like to be on the purchasing end of one of those level of transactions.

    In the meantime, I've done some day trading in the stock market with some success, and will probably continue doing that as well as the rest of my online ventures.
  3. MasterChief

    MasterChief New Member

    yep. anything is possible. U just have to try a little harder:cool:
  4. katharina

    katharina Registered Member

    I got tired just READING your plans! :lol: Good for you having things so planned out and I have a strong feeling that you will succeed!

    Now, let me bring up something that hasn't been mentioned yet. I think
    that since a lot of these finanicial goals are rather far down the road, you
    should have a backup plan, the proverbial plan B. Why? What happens
    if you're going along on schedule and right about the time you're ready
    to start the stocks, it becomes a bad time for new investors? You may
    want to have an alternative to the heavy stock trading for that part of
    your financial goal.

    Good luck, you've conquered the first step that a lot of people seem
    to miss! :nod:
  5. redouane83

    redouane83 New Member

    absolutly right,
    everything in life need a trial, but somtimes we hesitate for a long time before do it.
    And we need a lot of motivation!!!
  6. katharina

    katharina Registered Member

    Is everything still on track with your plan now that a month has passed? Have you devised that PlanB?
  7. mamab

    mamab Registered Member

    I think your plan is well thought out. However, my only suggestion would be, don't limit yourself to just working at NASA. Having worked at Boeing on the International Space Station, I can tell you that there were plenty of engineers there. Also, there's Teledyne Brown. Many more companies than just NASA. You should check out Huntsville, AL if you want to see what's available out there. Many of the companies there deal with engineering.
  8. steverichards

    steverichards Registered Member

    Great to see your planing and vision..........person like you always reach great hights provided that you remain focused , do all the hard work, and ofcourse help from your luck..........
    all the best
  9. papia

    papia New Member

    One should choose thebusiness that he or she know well about and also love doing as I believe, business is not only for earning money , mental satisfaction is necessary . If you have any skills, use them as your business.
  10. benji

    benji New Member

    Goal setting is a great idea, but you do need to allow for flexibility because even the mightiest river can change direction. Adaptability will either be a friend or foe in long range planning. Most cities have a 1 & 6 year street plan - the first plan is for immediate needs and the second is almost a wish list of things they'd liek to accomplish, but at the end of the fiscal year both will be readjusted based entirely on what the year actually held.

    I wish you much success. :)

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