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    Judging from the media, the greatest controversy now raging around George W. Bush is whether he is the worst president of the U.S. since Harding, or the worst since the dawn of the 20th century, or the worst in American history.

    Criticism of him abounds everywhere, much of it from within his own party. He is the butt of virtually every comedian's jokes. His Texas accent is lampooned.

    Cartoonists strive to produce ever more moronic caricatures.

    Commentators exaggerate his every grammatical error. Since he's Christian, his religion is considered fair sport for the literati, the learned and the liberal.

    more....... http://calsun.canoe.ca/News/Columnis...7/1778898.html

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  2. sleeper

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    He is by far the worst president of the 21st century
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    Bush is playing the game and skating by untouched.

    He's careful with his wording, so Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity can continue to defend him to keep the public at bay, but his actions speak for themselves.

    The man should be arrested.
  4. Mare Tranquillity

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  5. Mecha

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    And put in front of a war crimes tribunal.

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    And then taken out back and shot.
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    He's made some mistakes, well alot of them. I dont really like Bush as a president I always thought he was a poor president. However, he did have to deal with the 9/11 issue probably your average prez didnt have to worry about.

    Worst president maybe in the past...8 or so terms.
  9. IntheNet

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    Vince: The typical liberal leftist response toward president George W. Bush is to mock him and blame him; in reality, however, the Democrat Party and its far left tilt to embrace the liberal leftist agenda has precious few alternative suggestions for many of the issues which President Bush has ably handled so far in office. A few examples to illustrate this opinion: (1) In terms of addressing terrorism and working toward anti-terrorism programs, Bush has scored high marks since 09/11/01 with the American public. While the Democrat Party has faulted his handling of the war and particularly his venture into Iraq, they have few alternative suggestions for addressing terror. (2) President Bush's incorporation of NSA Surveillance programs to detect foreign and domestic terrorist activity has come under heavy scrutiny and loud criticism from many within the Democrat Party for its issues which may concern Constitutionality yet in repeated instances such NSA Surveillance has stood up to its Constitutional concerns and actually performed to reveal terror cells and/or terror activity. Meanwhile the Democrats have surfaced few if any measures for detecting domestic or international terrorists and instead rallied against proven anti-terror strategies that President Bush has utililzed. (3) Democrats have used the Valerie Plame issue (revealing of CIA worker identity) as a marker to overtly and repeatedly bash the president and his staff (Cheney, Libby, Rove) yet in repeated instances Bush has maintained his staff's non-guilt in revealing the name of this CIA worker to the media and indeed a Special Cousel was appointed (Fitzgerald) which failed to level charges based on the revealing of Plame's identity. Latest word on this issue is indeed no White House worker was involved in the Plame affair and indeed it was a State Department gossip (Richard Armitage) who has admitted to the revealing of the name to Robert D. Novak in the media.

    Overall, I give president George W. Bush great marks for dealing with a new type of war; i.e., terrorism and his handling of the ship of state during the War on Terror. He also gets high marks for his handling of the economy, which has recovered from the 2000 recession. I also give him high marks for his honesty and integrity. While his handling of the border issue and the deficit issue both give him low marks, both issues involved external factors. Out of control border illegal immigration has been a issue for long before the current presdient came into office and the deficit spending was partly fueled by the unavoidable War on Terror which needed to be addressed. Nonetheless, I believe Bush could have worked harder on these issues.

    On balance, I doubt that President Bush will suffer long from his many critics and his record in office will be revealed in history as one of accomplishment in bringing respect and dignity back to the Oval Office over its former degenerate piece of filth who occupied the office.
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    What is this liberal leftist agenda you are talking about? Most (95%) liberal's run a more moderate agenda.

    1. It is pretty hard to judge what the Democratic Party would have done in the war situation considering that the republicans have control of congress and most democratic propositions fail.

    Seriously? Name an instance inside the United States that surveillance programs have caught terrorist. The only sucessful prevention comes from passangers on airplanes...I read an article saying that of all the diffrent surveillance and national policies that the Bush admin has taken to 'stop terrorism' has only revelaed four potential terrorist who can be tried for terrorist activity.

    Bush's poilcy on handling terrorism so far is to violate the constitution by infringing on rights and Civil Liberties. It also includes attacking weaker countries he suspects may or may not be involved, and then trying to apply diplomatic pressure through the use of empty threats which the world knows he can't back up. Also, the Reps. havent addmitted to it yet, but "Cut and Run" sounds better and better every day, they're just calling it 'altering stratagies".

    Yea..he did a real good job of spending the 5 billion plus trade defecit surplus and tanking it to about -13 Billion. I guess starting a bigger recesion is better than the one we were in? Oh well, we'll just bank on the trickle down effect.

    Yea. like the international problems he created.

    The more I read, the more I think (hope) you were only joking...

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