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I used to use buses all the time to go to school, don't really use that much public transport anymore, either walk or drive for me.


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Our buses are pretty decent actually, and so many go along our road now I only have to wait for about 2 minutes for a bus into town.

Still I'd rather walk cos its cheaper.


Sally Twit
I have no choice but to use the bus because I don't drive.

Are you a bus driver or something?


Do What Thou Wilt
The Filipinos ( FILIPINOS BITCHES!) have developed old army jeep buses to run completely on electricity. The old buses are much cleaner than any bus and because they are open much more comfortable. Very good for the environment (YEAH ENVIRONMEN!). They just need to develop larger, cleaner b uses. I would use a bus too.


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Buses in Australia are usually on time, and are clean pretty much all of the time. They run a good service. Trains on the other hand, never on time around my place.