Burst into flames!

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  1. viLky

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    This man has:


    Some moments I lol'd at while reading:

    Source: Man bursts into flames after Taser shock - CNN.com

    That's something I would NOT want to try.

    It's crazy what sniffing glue will do to you. I mean, pouring gasoline on yourself isn't a good way to get your point or action across. It just spells danger. Glad the man is still alive, though...
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  2. Impact

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    Oh shit the police are coming to arrest us. I know, I'll pour gasoline over myself.

    Yeah I see the logic in that. :rolleyes:

    I wonder if the police officer will get into trouble over this if it turned out it was the taser and not the lighter the man was holding that set him on fire?
  3. viLky

    viLky ykLiv

    That's what I was thinking. What was the police officer suppose to do: use his gun? That can ignite the man. Club him? The man could try to fight back and get gasoline on the cop and then light him. Run away?

    Tough situation to be in. Hope the cop doesn't get punished for this, though.
  4. Vidic15

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    Highly doubt it because the officer was doing his duty and was obviously trying to protect the public from this man.
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  5. Merc

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    I'm sorry, but the first thing I thought after reading this was, "Why the fuck did you taser the guy? It should be pretty obvious he's coated in gasoline."
  6. Nixola

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    The guy who poured it on himself seems crazy. Why the hell would you do that.

    But the part of the story that really gets me is the woman who threw a rock at the policeman. Wtf? A)Why are you throwing at rock a an officer, does she not know she will get done and B) She threw the rock at the officer while he was trying to put the fire out. Seems like she didn't want the officer to put the fire out.
  7. Emmana

    Emmana Registered Member

    :rolleyes: Total insanity. The woman did assault an officer who was trying to save an insane man's life. what was she thinking? Better that she called 911 and brought out several blankets to extinguish the flames.
  8. Xeilo

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    This is the first I have heard of it lol, pretty stupid. Can't really say it went well or not, because none of us were there to make our own judgment.

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