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PlayStation 2 Burnout REVENGE


Registered Member
I am a big Burnout Takedown fan. I want to get Burnout Revenge so bad, but my Playstation 2 is broken. I want to play this game so bad that I am thinking of buying a new PS2.

Has anyone played this game? I've seen it on G4 a lot, and they have said great things. Just wondering what you all think.


Registered Member
I got a new PS2 and I bought this game. I must say, I am still undecided on this game. I was so excited for it and I think I was just too excited.

You can now ram into cars in front of you and use them as weapons. I thought that would be really cool, but after playing the game it annoys me. I mean, it takes some of the challenge out of the game cause you do not have to dodge traffic (except for oncoming, of course). I haven't tried going back to Burnout Takedown yet after playing this one, but it probably will be hard because you can't ram into cars.

The graphics, however, are awesome. They definitely did improve things there and the courses offer neat shortcuts (if you can see them in time lol).

I dunno....if you asked me to give this game a thumbs up or a thumbs down, I would have to put my thumb sideways.

Maybe things will change as I progress and get more used to the game. I will report my findings for everyone.